Amazon fulfillment center comes to Victorville bringing 1k+ jobs to the city

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Sep 1, 2021


Amazon Fulfillment

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What is the Amazon Victorville opening date?

The Amazon Victorville store is scheduled to open in late 2022. The location is expected to help speed up the delivery process and bring more than 1000 jobs to the area.

Amazon’s massive footprint in Southern California has three fulfillment and sortation centers, three delivery stations, and five whole foods market locations. The Seattle-based company that revolutionized online shopping will open a new fulfillment center in Victorville, promising to bring over 1,000 full-time jobs to the region.

Amazon invested $19.3B in the Inland Empire since 2010

Amazon U.S. Economic Impact Report

The company also published its 2021 U.S. Economic Impact Report, which shows that it invested more than $19.3 billion in the Inland Empire and $81 billion in California since 2010. The report summarizes Amazon’s investments in the U.S., including infrastructure and compensation for employees (2010 – 2020).

β€œAmazon’s roughly $20 billion investment in the Inland Empire has helped our region become a national leader in the goods movement industry,” said Paul Granillo, President, and CEO of Inland Economic Partnership. 

Weathering the economic downturn

Amazon’s huge footprint in the Inland Empire has helped the region to sustain the economic downturn better than other parts of the country.

β€œThe more than 40,000 jobs created by Amazon allowed the Inland Empire to weather the economic downturn better than our neighboring counties.  More importantly, it provides our residents with local employment opportunities negating the need for multi-hour daily commutes, said Granillo.

Amazon to open a fulfillment center in Ontario also.

Amazon will also open a fulfillment center in Ontario in 2022. The center will hire over 1,500 employees from the region. The facility will handle the delivery of smaller packages, and employees will work with innovative technologies like robotics.

We covered this in our Weekly Wire Roundup.

A new air hub in San Bernardino

Amazon opened a new regional air hub in San Bernardino in April of this year to provide fast delivery for customers in the Southern California region. The company recently acquired the Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center, built by San Bernardino International Airport and Hillwood Enterprises, in 2019. This new hub will add 1000 full-time jobs to the region.

The Amazon Effect

Amazon is Inland Empire’s largest private sector employer. 

The company came to California in 2012 when it opened a fulfillment center in San Bernardino. Since then, the company’s impact can be seen everywhere, from the number of jobs added to the secondary impact Amazon had on the local economies.

Amazon In The Inland Empire
Source: Amazon

Amazon jobs in the Inland Empire grew from 2,700 in 2012 to more than 15,000 in 2016, adding 34,600 indirect jobs to the Empire’s economy in the same period.

One in Five of All New Jobs in Inland Empire’s Logistics Sector

According to an estimate, Amazon added almost one in five of all new jobs created in 2012-2017 in the Inland Empire region’s logistics sector. If you want to grasp the true impact of Amazon’s presence in the Inland Empire, read this detailed analysis by John Husing, chief economist for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership.

Apart from its impact on the employment count, Amazon generously supports its employees in taking up vocational training and certification programs. A one-year stint can open the doors for an Amazon employee to have the employer foot 95% of the cost of four years of vocational training or certification courses in high-demand fields.

The impact cannot be described more precisely than the way former City of San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis explained it:

β€œIn 2012, the city went into bankruptcy. And at that time, the city was over 12 percent unemployment,”. In 2018, the city achieved an unemployment rate of half what it was in 2012. 

What type of work will be done here? Packing, stowing, etc.

Do you want to apply for a job there or just want to know what type of work will be done there? You can look at the video linked below that will give you an idea of how artificial intelligence, Robots, and humans work in harmony to make the right decision at the right time.

Victorville Amazon jobs

How and where can you apply to work at the Victorville Amazon? You can use Amazon, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, or Jooble to find a job in Victorville. Before you start searching, you should be aware of some things. Amazon is hiring for many positions like warehouse staff officer, delivery driver, Site health and safety manager, IT manager, and many more. Some of these are temporary positions, while others are full-time positions. You will need to choose a position that you like and that suits your skills and experience. If you want to apply for a specific position, go through all the requirements. 

More about the Amazon’s Economic Activity in the Inland Empire

More new businesses coming to Victorville, ca 2022


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