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Startempire Wire: The Startup Community Megaphone

Startempire Wire is inspired by the entrepreneurial and startup culture in the Inland Empire.   This podcast intends to be a megaphone for the Startup Culture in the Inland Empire first and help to possibly amplify with team efforts the voices and the deep rooted purposes of the many startups in the Inland Empire. 

When most people think of Startups & Startup culture they do not think of the Inland Empire but the Neighbors of the Inland Empire Like Los Angeles, San Diego and of course Silicon Valley.  Startempire Wire was started because we believe that the Inland Empire has something to specifically offer in the realm of Startups and we want to magnify that message.  We are intensely local but have national ambitions as well.  For this reason, the name is not “Inland Empire Startup Wire” but Startempire Wire .   


Our goal is to thoroughly cover the startups, startup community & Startup culture locally.  To Be a megaphone for our region but to also partner with other regions as we grow.   We are glad you are joining us on this journey and we are ready to put in all the necessary work.

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Verious B Smith III

Verious B Smith III

Startempire Wire Creator

Verious Smith III has been an Inland Empire Native (Corona) and an active participant in helping build the Startup Community in the Inland Empire since He made it his home in 2012.  He is the founder of the first and longest running tech meetup in the Inland Empire, The Inland Empire WordPress Meetup Group. 

From the growth of the Inland Empire WordPress group he successfully launched the Inland Empire’s 1st WordCamp with the help of committed members of that group.   His involvement in Startups flows more from curiosity and fascination as most of his professional career has been in the form of freelancer / contractor building stuff for the web.  

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