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FreeWire access is free, ExtraWire gives full benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

🚀 How do the subscription plans work?

Subscription plans give you access to different aspects oof the Startempire Wire Community. Wire™ access is free, ExtraWire™ gives full benefits!  BetaWire is granted to only a few but it gives you access to beta features that are being developed.

🤖 What is the Startempire Wire Bot?

The Startempire Wire bot is an interactive dialogue, that can be accessed from our toll free number (8555699473), for Startempire Wire community members and potential members to get easy access to important Startempire Wire features quickly.  Text “Hello” to (855) 569-9473 to start interacting or go to the WIRE BOT page to view a full list of options!

👥 Can I have multiple plans?

Our goal is to have every member of the Startempire Wire here as a verified user who is also a real person.  You can only have one membership at a time.

👤 Can I make changes to my profile?

Your Profile is yours to change anytime you would like.  We do require that you have a valid username that corresponds to  your true to life identity.

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