Online Database of 46K Incentives by Fed, State, and City Governments: IncentiFind for Real Estate

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Nov 12, 2021


IncentiFind lets real estate developers and property owners to find relevant green incentives for their projects. The platform helps developers, property owners, and tenants find incentives offers by Federal, State, and City governments for their real-estate and home improvement projects.

The U.S. government agencies at different levels offer $20 billion in green incentives every year. The incentives are usually paid out through tax credits, rebates, tax deductions, grants, subsidy programs.

You might think IncentiFind’s reason of existence as a huge gap between buildings going green and unclaimed incentives. An image by IncentiFind neatly sums it up below.

Image 1

Type of Real Estate Companies That Benefit from IncentiFind

IncentiFind’s searchable database has many use cases within the home improvement and real estate development industry. However, it is frequently used by:

  • A large corporation that acquired 10,000 commercial retail assets nationwide that needed to connect projects to incentives when they go green
  • A large corporation with an existing portfolio of $1B in assets nationwide when it needed to find incentives for properties older than 10 years slated for energy efficiency
  • A large corporation with an existing portfolio of 220 assets nationwide that wanted to find green energy incentives for its 6 commercial recreational assets in Texas. The corporation planned to erect new solar energy systems atop the roof structures and hence wanted to know and apply for relevant incentives

The Process of Finding Incentives

Finding relevant and applicable incentives can be hard and time consuming. Not anymore. IcentiFind lets real estate developers and property owners to quickly find which LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are they eligible for.

The whole activity of finding relevant incentives is a three step process.

  1. Find Incentives
  2. Verify Your Eligibility
  3. Apply To Incentives

Available Options for RE Developers

IncentiFind lets RE developers to sing-up for individually designed reports like:

  • Quick Summary
  • Bid Summary
  • Verifying Report
  • Portfolio Report

IncentiFind lists 46K incentives in its database and categorizes them for ‘new constructions’ or ‘existing buildings’.

Our incentive database include: tax credits, grants, fee waivers, rebates, bill credits, and more.

IncentiFind | Real Estate Incentives Database

Real Estate Market in the Inland Empire

At Startempire Wire, we covered how the industrial leasing market is among the hottest in the country. According to the CBRE report we wrote about, 21 of the 100 industrial leases in the USA were bagged by the Inland Empire region.ย The market IncentiFind serves will only get stronger as the demand for converting existing buildings into energy efficiency will grow, hence the need to apply for incentives offered by the government.

We also covered other real estate startups like Sundae, a platform operating in the Inland Empire lets owners of older homes sell their properties rather conveniently. Being a strong real estate market also means that groups like Duke Realty and others have an unmet demand of connecting their buildings to the applicable incentives. With a rising demand for commercial and industrial real estate, real estate tech startups are expected to reap handsome rewards.

Here’s a talk by IncentiFind founder, Natalie Campos Goodman, where she walks us through biggest green energy trends in the U.S.

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