Innovating Commerce & Retail in Ontario: Why The City of Ontario & Ontario International Airport Joined Forces

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Apr 19, 2022


The City of Ontario and the Ontario International Airport will be joining the ICSC (Innovating Commerce Serving Communities) Recon show at the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 22-24, giving thousands of attendees in the retail industry a first glance at what’s new in various markets.

An Event That Uncovers Retail Opportunities

ICSC LAS VEGAS is the organization’s major event, held every May. It’s a two- to a three-day conference of dealmakers and industry professionals driving the marketplaces sector’s innovation and evolution. The event will uncover many great opportunities for retail industry experts.

Fill out this form to meet the industry experts at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

What is ICSC?

ICSC is a retail data and marketing company specializing in connecting retailers, restaurants, developers, and brands with consumers through storefronts, digital platforms, and insights. Whether it’s their industry-leading RECon global convention, their daily digital content, the consumer shopping portals such as Shopkick,,, or Gift Card Mall, or their consumer data and insights from the InfoCommerce Group; they are all about innovating commerce, serving communities.

The mission of ICSC is to provide solutions for every retailer to reach consumers and drive traffic to their stores by providing quality data and insights about their customers wherever they shop – online or offline across all channels.

The Role of Ontario City in Helping Develop Ontario’s Retail Market

Ontario has designated areas for new developments in a variety of industries. The City’s rising population gives infinite options for interacting with new clients or employing a great workforce as one of Southern California’s fastest-growing cities. There’s plenty of room and support for your development project in Opportunity Zones designated for various sectors.

Ontario is a retail wonderland with four separate metropolitan zones and a wide range of shopping options. Ontario Mills, as California’s largest outlet and value retail shopping destination, attracts over 24 million visitors each year, introducing new clients to your store. Retail spaces, on the other hand, are plentiful throughout the city, allowing retail business owners to select an area that resonates with their target consumer base. Most retail options are found in mixed-use districts that include office space, residential units, and restaurants, allowing businesses to take advantage of the city’s walkability to attract new customers.

Ontario City Moves towards Becoming a Smart and Modern City

The City of Ontario is now becoming modernized with every passing day. 

Here are some highlights of Ontario becoming an innovative and modern city:


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