Robot Carts, e-Scooters, and Drones to Make Ontario a Smart-Technology City

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Sep 24, 2021


Robot Carts

When was the last time you heard a city offer drone delivery, robot carts that follow you, and next-generation smart streetlights with built-in lighting, phone charging, environmental sensors, Wi-Fi, and 5G? That’s the City of Ontario in San Bernardino County, as it has partnered with Brookfield Residential to offer the said technologies in the New Haven masterplan community.

To quote the city government, “it will be the first drone test service for a large U.S. city and first robot carts for any California community.”

“The New Haven masterplan debuted in 2015 as a ‘gigabit community,’ with lightning-fast downloads far surpassing other cities in the country. Since then, our partnership with Brookfield Residential has continued to deliver the best, most cutting-edge and practical technology. It’s all about Community, Connectivity and Convenience. And these new tools – enhancing and simplifying life at New Haven – boost sustainability and businesses while propelling Ontario among the nation’s top, smart-technology cities.”

Ontario Mayor Paul S. Leon

The Gigabit Community

New Haven, a Brookfield Residential master-planned community situated at the corner of Ontario Ranch Road and Haven Avenue, enjoys high-speed internet connectivity, making it a ‘Gigabit Community‘ on the pattern of Google Fiber communities in other parts of the U.S.

An App-first City

The city of Ontario has closely worked with Brookfield Residential to enable a fast internet service in the area, making it possible for the community and residential builders to offer mobile apps for citizen services.

For instance, Brookfield Residential recently unveiled its myTime and myCommand smart-home services. myTime mobile app allows you to tour model homes and move-in-ready homes with a private appointment. The myCommand app lets you control your home with a tap or voice using smart home technology.

Brookfield SoCal on YouTube

Tech on Tap

All of the services mentioned above were showcased during an event called ‘Tech on Tap’ on July 9, 2021during the opening of Rodeo X & Brew Haven Brewery at New Haven Marketplace. The tech services showcased to be launched in Ontario included:

1) Drone Delivery

Brookfield Residential partnered with DroneUp, a drone flight services provider for governments and organizations, and drone software provider Airspace Link to offer delivery from New Haven Marketplace businesses and services directly to residents via drone.

2) Personal Following Robot Carts 

Gita (pronounced “Gee-tah”) are robot carts offered by the New Haven residential community as robot carts for its residents. Shoppers from the New Haven Marketplace can carry items to and from shopping and recreation (up to 40 lbs.).

3) E-Scooters 

Clevr Scooters – The City of Ontario prioritizes alternate mobility options, like electric scooters. Clevr Scooters will be offered as an alternate means of transportation within the community. The project is meant to reduce car needs, especially during short transportation trips.

4) Premier Innovation Collective

4th Sector Innovations, also called 4thsi, provides a startup accelerator and co-working facility in Ontario and is in the heart of the commerce and logistics hub of Inland Empire.

5) Smart Nodes

ENE HUB (pronounced “Any-hub”) are multifunctional streetlights with lighting, phone charging, environmental sensors, Wi-Fi and 5G service, wayfinding, security, and speakers for streaming music or announcements. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners own the Smart Nodes ENE HUB project, and the first installation of this smart urban streetlight is operational at New Haven Marketplace.

ENE.HUB: YouTube

Parting Thought

If you feel excited about the developments in Ontario City, we have more news that covers how the Inland Empire is transforming, one city at a time. Check out our last week’s round-up of the news covering the latest infrastructure developments and startup funding or university grants.

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