California’s Electric Vehicle Sales Sees Rapid Growth

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


May 6, 2022


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Out of all the Electric Vehicles (EVs) sold in the country, 42% were sold in California, according to cumulative data from 2011-2022 published by California Energy Commission (2022). This was well-supported due to 79 thousand EV chargers available throughout the state.

We Covered this in our Weekly Wire Roundup

Startempire Wire reported in October last year that of all the EVs in California, 40K are in the Inland Empire.

According to Veloz EV Market Report’s data, electric car sales in the United States reached a new high record of over 200,000 automobiles during the last quarter (Q1 2022).

Although this is encouraging, the US EV sector relies heavily on Tesla and California.

Source: @LetsVeloz

The United States lags significantly behind Europe and China when electrifying its passenger automobile market. Many variables are at play, including lower incentives and a penchant for pickup trucks, a market that is only recently electrified.

US Electric Vehicle Sales Show an Impressive Record

However, we’ve seen massive growth in EV adoption during the last year, with the latest quarter particularly critical for EV adoption in the United States.

Veloz produced a new analysis on EV sales in the United States based on data from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which reveals a record amount (over 208,000) of electric cars sold in the country during Q1 2022.

While this is encouraging news for EV growth in the US, the sector still relies heavily on Californians purchasing electric vehicles.

The EV Industry in California is Growing

According to Veloz, EV sales increased by 29% last quarter to 81,292 vehicles:

The electric vehicle industry in California is still growing! This was the state’s best quarter for electric vehicle sales thus far. This quarter, 81,292 electric vehicles were sold, a 29 percent increase over the previous quarter. The first quarter of 2022 exceeded the first quarter of 2021 by nearly 20,000 automobiles.

Despite accounting for only 12% of the US population, California has purchased 39% of all the electric vehicles sold this year.

The Ev Industry In California Is Growing
California's Electric Vehicle Sales Sees Rapid Growth 4

More substantial incentives in California sometimes lead to automakers debuting new EV models earlier in the state and offering larger EV model allocations to local dealers.

As previously reported, Tesla continues to dominate the US electric car industry, with 75 percent of the market this year.

More electric vehicles are needed to increase acceptance, which will happen this year, especially with electric pickup trucks like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning reaching the market.

Top 10 Selling Electric Vehicles in California: Tesla Takes the Lead

  1. Tesla Model 3
  2. Tesla Model Y
  3. Tesla Model S
  4. Hyundai IONIQ 5
  5. Ford Mustang Mach-E
  6. Toyota Prius Prime
  7. Tesla Model X
  8. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  9. Nissan Leaf
  10. Volvo XC90

Inland Empire: Rising Infrastructure Hub for the Country’s EV Market

To help fulfill this demand for light electric vehicles (EVs), AYRO Inc. and Karma Automotive have teamed up to produce $300 million worth of more than 20,000 vehicles through 2023, the company announced in September last year. KYRO produces light-duty, urban, and short-haul electric vehicles (EVs). Through this partnership with Karma Automotive, it will use Karma Automotive’s Innovation and Customization Center’s (KICC) design, engineering resources, and manufacturing expertise to produce 20K+ units of EVs.

Similarly, another startup named StratosFuel, based out of San Bernardino, California, received $3M from Cal Energy Commission to Build Alternate Fuel Stations. The California Energy Commission (CEC) announced a grant for “Renewable Hydrogen Transportation Fuel Production” on April 9, 2021. This grant application was an offer to support building hydrogen production facilities that will create sustainable hydrogen transportation fuel using renewable resources from inside the state.

And EV market is not expanding just due to retail sales of EVs, it’s the commercial EV sales that are driving the growth of the whole EV market.


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