5 Innovative Companies in the Inland Empire to Inspire your Next Startup

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Oct 23, 2021


There are some innovative companies in the Inland Empire that can inspire you to launch your next startup. Some of them are old, like Esri and Bourns whereas others have recently sprung up and nabbed startup funding to scale their business.

1. Bourns

Bourns Electronics is based in Riverside, California. It manufactures electrical components for the automotive industry. It is part of three billion dollar companies from the Inland Empire. Last month, Startempire Wire reported about these companies.

We wrote that:

“Situated at the Columbia Avenue, Riverside, the company has deep roots in the Inland Empire region as it started 70 years ago with parent of Gordon Bourns, now Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bourns, Inc., having opened the firm. Now the company’s products are sophisticated war planes like F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Program“.

2. Esri

The GIS mapping software company Esri has a strong local and an equally impressive global presence. It has business incubation facility as well to help founders to launch their startups.


We reported that Esri also collaborates with TechCrunch to run hackathons for new startups to build their products/SaaS products on top of Esri’s platform.

3. Perceptyx

Based out of Temecula, CA, Perceptyx is a employee surveys and people analytics company. It has 300+ employees and was founded in 1998. It has operational footprint in the Netherlands and London as well.

it recently acquired Waggl and CultureIQ. Waggl is an employee feedback solution that crowdsources employee comments and ideas in real-time.

We take a look at top HR startups that use Big Data to innovate for the people analytics and HR space.

  • Visier: Cloud workforce analytics and planning solutions
  • VoloMetrix: People analytics platform for the enterprise
  • Gild: Tech recruiting solutions using data to find developers
  • Pegged Software: Data mining, predictive modeling and best fit talent identification
  • Objective Logistics: Data analytics, online staff scheduling and performance management for restaurants

This might give you an idea the type of HR and people analytics use cases already in demand and a solution at the cross-section of these startups might be your next big breakthrough.

4. Plant Prefab

The San Bernardino, CA based construction-tech startup Plant Prefab is a thriving startup from the Inland Empire. We reported on its Series B funding where it nabbed $30 Million in funding. To put it into context, Plant Prefab is trying to get its fair share in what TechCrunch estimates to be a $1.3T industry.

Construction is a massive, $1.3 trillion industry in the United States — a complex ecosystem of lenders, owners, developers, architects, general contractors, subcontractors and more.”

TechCrunch, Nov 2020

Some of the fast growing startups in this space include:

  • Ackcio: Reliable wireless monitoring solutions for industrial monitoring applications.
  • Acoutera Inc: Acoutera is a Vancouver-based, digital contractor with a goal to democratize dream home renovations.
  • Agora: A materials management platform that streamlines the materials supply chain for commercial trade contractors.
  • Ampd Energy: Energy storage system powering the energy transition in construction, for an emission free future in construction. (Source: CEMEX Ventures)

5. MedTrainer

MedTrainer operates as a healthcare-focused compliance management and automation software company that started its journey in 2016 from Redlands, California. With 150+ employees and head office in Redlands, it is an emerging startup that can give you an idea as to what innovation can do in a legacy industry like healthcare.

Some startups that have succeeded in the MedTech space include:

  • Wellframe: An online platform that links patients to healthcare professionals and offers reminders via its user-friendly smartphone app. The platform offers the ability to schedule appointments, get real-time digital check-ins, customizable instructions, and medication reminders.
  • Babylon Health: The London-based platform offers subscription health services across the UK and Rwanda.
  • Medely: An online labor marketplace for varying terms healthcare jobs. Thus healthcare professionals are able to access high-paying short and long-term healthcare jobs.


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    Sharjeel joined Startempire Wire as emerging technologies editor. Earlier, he worked at Silicon Canals, a leading English language technology media source for the Benelux and wider Europe. He covered the European technology and startup ecosystem digging into latest funding rounds of startups.


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