6 Reasons Why SCORE is the Hidden Gem for Startup Mentorship in the Inland Empire

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Oct 22, 2021


SCORE Inland Empire

SCORE is a the nation’s largest network of free, expert business mentors. Below we discuss six reasons why SCORE is the hidden gem for startup mentorship and might not get as much publicity as startup incubators and accelerators. However, it can play a huge role in your startup’s success.

1. You can Find Mentors

Finding mentors is as easy as putting in your Zip code and letting the system surface mentors active in your area. The only thing you will need to fill before getting access to mentor network is fill out a mentor request form after you punch in the zip code.

With SCORE, you can request a mentor at any stage of your business and not only if you are a startup.

The link where you can browse mentor profiles gives you the ability to select mentor/s based on whether you want to interact through video call, over the phone, or in-person.

Image 4
6 Reasons Why SCORE is the Hidden Gem for Startup Mentorship in the Inland Empire 6

2. You can Get Access to Resources Library

The resources library has templates regarding 12 business areas/functions that you can use. For example, two common situations are when a business owner needs to sell the business, or deciding whether to file for bankruptcy or try to reset the business.

In both situation, SCORE can help you with a learning resource such as follows:

You can browse through the library of SCORE to shortlist a resource or course that suits your current learning needs.

Image 3
6 Reasons Why SCORE is the Hidden Gem for Startup Mentorship in the Inland Empire 7

3. Startup Roadmap by FedEx

  1. The Startup Roadmap Chapter 1: Starting Your Journey
  2. The Startup Roadmap: Chapter 2 – Are You Ready to Start a Business?
  3. The Startup Roadmap: Chapter 3 – Defining and Validating Your Idea
  4. The Startup Roadmap: Chapter 4 – Business Plan or Business Model Canvas?
  5. The Startup Roadmap: Chapter 5 – Finding Funding
  6. The Startup Roadmap: Chapter 6 – Setting Up Your Business

Within each chapter, you may find drill down resources that can help you improve your business, or even come up with a new business.

For instance, here’s a snapshot of topics covered in the first chapter of ‘Starting your Journey’.

  • Startup readiness
  • Idea validation
  • Business Model Canvas (BMC)
  • Finding funding
  • Accounting, Insurance, and Legal Considerations
  • Marketing, Pricing, Sales, and Distribution
  • Location selection, staffing and opening the office/site

For more chapters and detailed guides within each one of the chapter of startup guide by FedEx, please visit this link.

4. Workshops

The workshops offers by SCORE are comprehensive by segment, entrepreneur type, and business area you want to learn something about.

Image 2
6 Reasons Why SCORE is the Hidden Gem for Startup Mentorship in the Inland Empire 8

You can also register for interactive sessions, on-demand courses, and workshops that prepare your business.

5. Small Business Resilience Hub

Most of the times the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business is its owner’s awareness about loans, grants, and other support services that is available for small businesses. These resources are a key to an owner for adapting to a potential crisis.

Enter ‘Small Business Resilience Hub’ by SCORE.

The Hub offers:

  1. Remote Mentoring
  2. Resilience Training
  3. Resource portal to help you find the specific information, resources, and financial support

6. Local Presence

Least but not the last, SCORE has local presence in the Inland Empire region, and for that matter all over the country through local chapters. For example, below is a list of local office presence that SCORE has in the Inland Empire region.

  • Temecula Chamber of Commerce
  • Murrieta Innovation Center
  • Offices of Ensen Mason
  • Eastvale City Hall
  • East San Gabriel Valley Branch
  • Riverside Chamber of Commerce
  • Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Upland Chamber of Commerce
  • Chaffey College-Info Tech Center
  • Corona Chamber of Commerce

SCORE can be a great resource for women entrepreneurs as well as the organization offers helps and support via local experts, interactive workshops, and a vast online library of templates, tools and resources. 

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