Temecula to Spend $350K on French Valley Parkway Improvements

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Sep 14, 2022


Temecula is investing $350K to make substantial upgrades to French Valley Parkway. By easing the I-15/Winchester Road intersection and reducing weaving motions on the I-15 between Winchester Road and the I-15/I-215 Junction, the French Valley Parkway Interchange aims to lessen traffic and increase safety.

Key Takeaway:

  • The French Valley Parkway project will help sort out traffic congestion problems. The project consists of three overall phases, of which phase I is complete. 
  • The construction of phase II will begin in December 2022. 

 Project Details

  • French Valley Parkway, a new arterial, is linking Ynez Road and Jefferson Avenue.
  • A brand-new junction between I-15 and French Valley Parkway.
  • Between Winchester Road and the I-15/I-215, Junction will install a new collector/distributor system.
  • Changes to the I-15/Winchester Road intersection, including lengthening the ramp to accommodate more lanes.

Overview of French Valley Parkway Project

The city was recently awarded $50 million in funding from the US. Department of Transportation to fix its freeway congestion. This money closes the gap on phase two of the I 15 French Valley Parkway project. 

The project consists of three main phases. In comparison, the reach of all stages of the I 15 French Valley Parkway project is rather long, with improvements extending south of Overland Bridge and north beyond the 15 to 15 split.

Phase I

Phase one was completed a few years ago and provided some much-needed relief to southbound traffic.

During phase I construction:

  • Widening the southbound off-ramp at Winchester Road
  • A southbound off-ramp built at the future French Valley Parkway and; 
  • Built the westbound section of French Valley Parkway, between the new off-ramp and Jefferson Avenue 

Phase II 

In phase II, building the northbound collector/distributor system along I-15 is intended to offer temporary respite.

The design and environmental phases of Phase II are complete. The goal is to begin construction in December 2022. The length of the project is about two years.

Phase two will focus on the northbound side. Phase two will construct approximately 2 miles of improvements along northbound Interstate 15 between Winchester Road and the 15 to 15 split. The most important aspect of this phase will be the elimination of the merging and weaving between Winchester Road and the split. This merging was the most significant factor of congestion, making it the highest priority to fix for the city.

That fix takes the form of a physically separated parallel roadway called a collector-distributor system or CD system. It allows vehicles entering the freeway from Winchester Road and French Valley Parkway to have dedicated ramps onto either the 15 or 215 without entering traffic flow on the existing freeway lanes. 

The onramp traffic from Winchester Road is directed into the CD system and remains separated from the freeway. Thanks to that new barrier. Whether you get on the highway at Winchester from the east or the west, both ramps will join the same CD system until north of the split. 

Vehicles traveling north on I 15 will not have to deal with cars entering the freeway once they pass Rancho California Road until they reach this point.

Phase III

In the Future: With the completion of French Valley Parkway from Jefferson Avenue to Ynez Road, the entire interchange link to I-15, and the southbound collector/distributor system along I-15. 

Legado at Fleming Ranch: A 330-acre master-planned community in Menifee near Temecula

Startempire Wire

Wrap Up!

It’s interesting how Temecula plans to spend over $350K to enhance one of the main roads that run through the French Valley. Not only will they be improving pedestrian safety, but they’ll also be adding new upgrades to landscaping that can potentially attract people to the area. 


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