Startempire Wire Weekly RoundUp: From Big Box Industrial Market of Inland Empire to 4th Sector Innovations

By: Editorial Staff


Oct 3, 2021


Startempire Wire Weekly Round up

1. Inland Empire: Big Box Industrial Market

This week we covered how the Inland Empire has become one of the most attractive big box industrial markets in America, per a report by CBRE.

The real estate investment company revealed that 100K people are employed in the Inland Empire’s warehouse industry, making it the most important industry in the region.

2. BioTech Startups of the Inland Empire

This was followed up with a report about Biotech startups operating in the Inland Empire. We wrote about Murrieta Genomics, Basilard BioTech, GattaCo Inc., NeyroblastGX, and Swellter Inc. This report aims to inform you that a lot is happening in Riverside and San Bernardino that the main press does not cover.

3. Riverside Ranks 25th Most Future Focused U.S. City

According to a report by Finance Buzz, Riverside ranked 25th on the list of 2021 top 25 most future-focused cities in America. We tried to highlight how digitally savvy influencers of the region are carving out an emerging identity of the Inland Empire. However, the region has hardcore realities, such as logistics and distribution being the best-established industries. Unless the leaders who want to transform the region at par with Austin and Silicon Valley must keep logistics and e-Commerce front and center and innovate from there.

4. SCEIN Network and Energy Startups

Then we wrote how a network of business and industry leaders lays the foundation for energy startups to innovate in the renewables and alternate energy sector. You got it right. We wrote about the Southern California Energy Innovation Network, or SCEIN.

We reported how the network has raised more than $225 Million for its portfolio startups and how it continues to shape the energy innovation landscape of California.

5. UCR to Use $2.5M to Dig into Inland Empire Logistics/Distribution Triggered Pollution

There was news about UCR getting $2.5M from the California Attorney General’s Automobile Emissions Research and Technology Fund to study the environmental impact of moving goods in the Inland Empire. There has long been a debate and occasional writeups of Inland Empire being a warehouse central. It’s a first that UCR, key research, education, and innovation hub in the Inland Empire, is taking up the issue. We expect to see some good insights about curtailing the environmental impact of moving goods in IE.

6. Startup Accelerator: ExCITE Riverside

Lastly, we covered Riverside ExCITE, a startup accelerator by UC Riverside, in partnership with the County of Riverside and the city of Riverside, that helps select startups with promising MVPs to scale up their companies and operations.

Our goal at Startempire Wire is to act as a megaphone to connect the dots between the best startups, events, and people in the Inland Empire. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and like/follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  


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