Same Same but Different Festival Comes to Lake Perris State Park

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Jul 15, 2022


Same Same but Different Festival Comes to Lake Perris State Park

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The weekend-long seaside Same Same But Different Music & Arts Festival is unlike any other music festival you’ve ever attended. It involves camping, art, and a getaway from the ordinary, and it all takes place in Southern California. The Festival will be from September 9 to September 11, 2022, at Lake Perris State Park, California.Β Β 

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Same Same but Different Festival 

Same Same but Different is California’s first camping, music, and arts event. The event will take place from September 9 to September 11, 2022. Same Same But Different is a multi-genre, four-stage music and arts event in picturesque Lake Perris, California, and was created to highlight what makes us all different and distinctive. In addition to tightening security measures, Same Same But Different will restrict attendance to 2,500 people and demand that visitors present evidence of immunization or proof of a negative COVID-19 test. 

The carefully chosen musical schedule, which includes folk/Americana, funk, reggae, techno, and other genres, is intended to push festival visitors outside their musical comfort zones.

The charming Lake Perris Recreational Campgrounds, approximately an hour east of Los Angeles and 90 minutes north of San Diego, will host the return of Same Same But Different. One of Southern California’s most stunning campgrounds, covering 3.5 million square feet, will be open for attendees to explore. They may swim in the lake, go boating, participate in yoga and meditation sessions, stroll the park’s trails, and, of course, take in the world-class talent on display. The event will include two Floatopia Day Parties on the beach, a beachfront bar, live painters, arts and crafts workshops, and great food trucks.

Same Same but Different Festival – 2021 Overlook

Floatopia Beach Party

From 11 a.m. on Friday through Sunday at The Coconut Club. Get your floaties ready because there is a party on the beach. From sunrise to sunset, refreshments will be served in the water at Floatopia, with upbeat music. You won’t want to miss it since it’s an experience you’ll never forget.


At SSBD, you may attend weekend programs to help you reach your potential and spark your spirit. These workshops will include topics like yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance, painting, crafting, intentional movement, and knowledge classes from professionals in their fields. All workshops are open to the public and cost nothing.

Great Meals All Weekend

Although bringing your food is welcome and encouraged, there will be more than ten delectable food trucks and sellers on-site the weekend to help you get through the Festival if you forget. There will be vegan, gluten-free, and food allergy options for sale. Before the Festival, a complete list of food trucks will be made accessible.

Rent a ShiftPod campsite

It is better to reserve a ShiftPod Camp-Site at the event if you’re flying in from out of town, don’t want to fuss with setting up your tent, or want some A/C when you sleep.

We set up a wholly enclosed, private space during the event for you and your visitors. You can stay cool over the weekend with the air-conditioned ShiftPod advanced shelter system. Each unit has a power strip for charging devices, lockable tent doors, updated restrooms nearby, round-the-clock security, and the option of beds or merely a tent.

Same Same but Different Festival Passes

2022 Up-Front Gold Parking Pass – $155

One car may park in the Up-Front Gold Parking Lots with this permit. (Maximum of 4 Per Order)

  • Next to Up-Front Tent-Camping Campgrounds are the parking lots.
  • They cannot guarantee that you will set up the tent next to your car because some cars will park in the center of parking lots, and some will park on the borders.
  • It’s first-come, first-served for parking spots.
  • You may only park in designated parking places; driving off paved roads is not authorized.
  • Your car must be no longer than 22 feet. 

2022 Car-Camping Parking Pass – $185

At the SSBD Festival, set up your campground for you and your group adjacent to your car. (Standard 4 Per Order)

  • Each car-camping permit allows one vehicle to park in one of the loops and a campsite next to or close to your car.
  • These provide you with easier access to the state park’s clean, well-maintained showers and bathrooms with running water.
  • Some campgrounds give guests access to a grill, fire pit, and picnic table.
  • Your buddies are welcome to camp with you if they wish to. Your buddies will require a separate car-camping parking pass if they bring another vehicle. You must arrive together and have the same pass to park together. First-come, first-served policy governs camping spots, which cannot be reserved.
  • Your car must be no longer than 22 feet. 

2022 Electric Car-Camping Parking Pass – $355

For you and your party, reserve ELECTRIC camping at the SSBD Festival. (Maximum of 2 Per Order. These are by far the most excellent accommodations and the locations that are closest to the Festival.

  • Parking for one car is included in each Electric Car-Camping Parking Pass at campgrounds.
  • Since these locations are closer to the festival grounds, there is much less walking between the camp and the stages.
  • Every location has a power outlet available to it. These outlets can run fans, charge gadgets, and power lighting. (Don’t use more than 400 watts)
  • These locations provide access to state park-maintained showers and bathrooms with running water.
  • Some campgrounds provide guests with a grill, fire pit, and picnic table.
  • Your buddies are welcome to camp with you if they wish to. Your guests will require a separate Electric Car-Camping Parking Pass if they bring another car. You must arrive together and have the same pass to park together. First-come, first-served policy governs camping spots, which cannot be reserved.
  • Your car must be no longer than 22 feet.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets from:

Wrap Up!

The SSBD music festival is a worthwhile experience on multiple levels.Β  It provides an opportunity to bring members of the campus together. Most importantly, it allowed the performers to share their skills with a broader audience and show that audience a unique experience. Β 


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