MEGA Mixer to be Held on August 18: Venue at the Mt. San Jacinto College Temecula Campus

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Jul 29, 2022


The All Chamber MEGA Mixer is a networking event sponsored by local and regional chambers teaming to connect the business community! The event is on Thursday, August 18, from 3:30-7 pm at Mt. San Jacinto College Temecula Campus.

Key Takeaways

  • The blockbuster “MEGA Mixer” is an exclusive event that brings an excellent opportunity to socialize, network, and mix! You could meet your future client or ally in business! Admission is only $1 or one business card!
  • Expo Table Tops are available for only $250 for Chamber Members or $500 for Non-Members to give your company the attention it deserves.

Why Should You Attend the Mega Mixer Event?

Starteempire wire has listed below three sloid reasons for why this event can be vital for you and your business:

Give Your Business the Exposure 

The MEGA Mixer is an event that brings together individuals from all walks of life to network, share ideas and form new relationships. Each year, thousands of participants come together to learn about the latest trends in business and technology.

Attending the “MEGA Mixer” event will give your business the exposure it deserves! If you want a place to showcase what makes your brand unique, this is it! You will become part of a community of like-minded people ready to share their ideas with you!

Market Your Brand 

Attending the “MEGA Mixer” event will help you do face-to-face marketing and build your database.

The MEGA Mixer is an event that allows you to meet people from all over the world interested in learning about your business or company. You can also meet new customers for your business or even see if there is any interest in your product or service. Many of these people may be potential customers, and if they like what they know, they may be willing to buy something from you.

By attending this event, you will be able to build a solid network of contacts who can later become potential customers.

Build Your Brand Visibility

The MEGA Mixer is the perfect opportunity to boost your brand visibility. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with people who visit the event, and the best part is that you get to meet the attendees in person.

If you want to grow your business, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. The MEGA Mixer is an event that will help you do just that!

Attending this event will allow you to meet new clients, increase your brand awareness and make it easier for your company to get more customers.

Wrap Up!

The “MEGA Mixer” event will allow you to stand out in the crowd and boost your brand visibility.

When you attend this event, you’ll be able to meet potential customers and clients that may be interested in working with you. 


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    Sharjeel joined Startempire Wire as emerging technologies editor. Earlier, he worked at Silicon Canals, a leading English language technology media source for the Benelux and wider Europe. He covered the European technology and startup ecosystem digging into latest funding rounds of startups.


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