The Blackstone LaunchPad: Infusing Entrepreneurship as a Career Path

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Jul 30, 2022


UC Riverside has partnered with Blackstone LaunchPad to empower students and build their careers. All college students can learn about entrepreneurship and develop their entrepreneurial abilities through the Blackstone LaunchPad network, which enables them to create successful businesses and professions.

Key Takeaways

  • Blackstone LaunchPad helps students build their businesses by providing connections to mentors and chances for professional growth.
  • It offers a worldwide network that enables long-lasting professional connections between students, mentors, instructors, partners, schools, and other people who can support a student’s success in college and beyond.

Blackstone LaunchPad to Help Riverside Community Students

Blackstone LaunchPad creates the businesses and vocations of the future. To help thousands of college students advance more quickly, it collaborates with higher education institutions to provide tried-and-true startup tools, allow access to a worldwide network of mentors and advisers, and give particular chances for virtual and in-person gatherings. 

Students develop knowledge and vital skills by doing, which will help them succeed as founders or contributors to the twenty-first-century economy.

Aim of LaunchPad

Following are the aims of LaunchPad:

  • By assisting students in starting businesses and honing their entrepreneurial abilities while still in school, the company hopes to increase access to entrepreneurship and guarantee that graduates are prepared for the workforce.
  • They collaborate with schools and universities to provide a framework for entrepreneurship and to develop entrepreneurial skills on campuses, enhancing already-existing programs with access to necessary materials, contacts, and opportunities.
  • They stimulate local economic growth by sparking entrepreneurship where student founders are present and prepare graduates for the workforce.

Why Is It Important to Teach Entrepreneurship to Students? 

Entrepreneurship is the skill of taking an idea, developing it into a product or service, and then marketing it. The entrepreneur is the one who takes a risk and implements the steps needed to bring a product or service to market.

Entrepreneurship can be taught in many ways. Teachers can tell students about entrepreneurs and teach them how they started their businesses and what they did differently from other companies. 

They can talk about the problems they faced while trying to get their businesses off the ground and how they overcame them by creating new products or services that solved current problems. Teachers can also have students create an entrepreneurial business plan for a product or service they would like to sell.

Teaching entrepreneurship helps students gain knowledge of concepts such as creating a business plan, finding partners, identifying customers’ problems, and solving them through innovation and creativity. 

It also teaches students how essential teamwork is when working on projects with others who may have different ideas than them to come up with solutions that work together as a whole team towards achieving goals the entrepreneur sets!

Wrap Up!

LaunchPad offers a range of resources at various phases of concept and venture development, regardless of whether you have an idea, have a business, or are simply interested in entrepreneurship.


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