The National Science Foundation Awards a $100,000 Grant to CSUSB for Promoting AI Education

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Oct 21, 2022


cal state university san bernardino csusb

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) has given Cal State San Bernardino a grant of $100,000 to advance undergraduate student artificial intelligence (AI) coursework.

Key Takeaway:

  • Along with San Jose State, Cal Poly Pomona, Long Beach State, and the California State University Chancellor’s Office, the financing is a component of a team grant.

What is National Science Foundation (NSF)?

The National Research Foundation (NSF) is an $8.8 billion independent federal organization. Congress established it in 1950 to advance science, improve national health, wealth, and welfare, and ensure the country’s security.

Supporting fundamental research and scientists who produce knowledge that changes the future is a crucial function of NSF.

Why NSF Aims to Promote AI Among Students?

The grant’s primary investigator at CSUSB is associate professor Yunfei Hou of the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

“Simply put, we hope to promote AI education for non-computer science majors,” he said. “We will develop new learning modules focusing on the applied aspect of AI.”

He said that instead of concentrating on the technical intricacies, the study would examine the societal consequences of how AI technologies might be used to tackle real-world issues.

It is projected that the usage of artificial intelligence will increase in industries, including transportation, education, and healthcare. To allow them to become future leaders and innovators, preparing the country’s students to acquire strong AI capabilities will be vital. Therefore, Hou argued that advancing college-level artificial intelligence instruction is in the country’s interest. The funding also intends to broaden access beyond students enrolled in computer science departments. With these funds, AI training is most prevalent to address the lack of broad interdisciplinary engagement and diversity in AI teaching.

Goals of Project Teams at CSUSB.

The project team’s objective is to provide resources that assist students in identifying societal issues. They will also instruct those students on using AI principles and methodologies to examine those issues and look for viable solutions.

 “The students will learn how to propose AI-powered solutions to address social issues considering benefits and risks,” Hou said. The researchers have named this interdisciplinary teaching process “AI for Social Good,” or AI4SG.

AI4SG will be implemented in the management information systems, geography, and computer science programs on the three CSU campuses participating in the grant. The multi-campus team will then hold a yearly workshop to present student ideas and spread the best ways to receive an AI4SG education.

NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education

The NSF’s assistance in this area is crucial. Its reach and effect are also increased with aid from the NSF IUSE: HSI (Hispanic-Serving Institutions) Program and the NSF IUSE: EHR (Education and Human Resources) Program.

What’s STEM Education?

A brand-new STEM program at UC Riverside focuses on diversity, inclusion, equality, and enhancing local healthcare access. For 60 high school students from Riverside and San Bernardino counties in the Inland Empire, The STRIDE is a five-week summer research training program.

Read here: The Eastvale STEM Academy: Helping Students Succeed at STEM Careers.

The EHR Program at NSF IUSE focuses on research and development initiatives to enhance the efficacy of STEM education for all students. EHR promotes developing, investigating, and using effective practices and resources through its Engaged Student Learning program. The HSI Program of NSF IUSE aims to expand STEM engagement in Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), improve undergraduate STEM education, and build capacity.

Supporting Hispanic Serving Institutions

Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program of the U.S. National Science Foundation has given 48 grants to Hispanic-serving institutions in the Fiscal Year 2022. This funding will support diverse projects as the country observes Hispanic Heritage Month.

The HSI program of the NSF aims to improve the quality of the undergraduate STEM curriculum and boost enrollment, retention, and graduation rates for students pursuing STEM associate’s or bachelor’s degrees.

Wrap Up!

CSUSB has received a $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to boost undergraduate students’ artificial intelligence (AI) courses. Associate professor Yunfei Hou of the School of Computer Science and Engineering is the principal investigator for the NSF at CSUSB. 

The NSF HSI program intends to raise enrolment, retention, and graduation rates for students pursuing STEM associate’s or bachelor’s degrees and the caliber of the undergraduate STEM curriculum.


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