Riverside County Startup Pharm Robotics Headed to the THRIVE Demo Day

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


May 26, 2022


Thrive by SVG Ventures’s annual demo day will take place at Inventures on June 1, 2022, in Calgary, Alberta. The annual Demo Day Event highlights entrepreneurs that have been hand-picked to join the company’s award-winning Accelerator Program. Pharm Robotics is one of the top 10 global AgTech startups participating in the Global Accelerator Program. 

There are compelling, investable agrifood tech firms that are addressing global concerns. In addition to Thrive’s debut Canada Accelerator Cohort, this year’s Demo Day will feature pitches from our eighth Global Accelerator Cohort.

This high-profile event draws more than 2,500 people and 500 presenters and offers numerous networking possibilities.

The VIII Global Accelerator Cohort: Announced by SVG Ventures | THRIVE

The ten firms were chosen for the VIII Global Accelerator Cohort from over 800 startups from 78 countries. The competitive selection process, which was carried out in partnership with THRIVE’s corporate partners, was centered on the companies’ potential influence on sustainability and commercial success.

The THRIVE Accelerator Program combines an intensive startup curriculum with access to various resources, including financing, corporate and investor access, and specialized coaching from THRIVE’s broad network of industry experts.

The VIII Global Accelerator Cohort comprises the following AgTech Startups:

  1. Cattler Corporation is developing a means to digitize the cattle business, making it more efficient and responsible by bringing disparate and unused data into everyday operations. It combines data from several third-party sensors and systems under one roof, giving the farmer a single dashboard for farm management.
  1. F4A fights food waste at the retail level by linking surplus food that will be thrown away with customers eager to buy it at a reduced price.
  1. Haystack facilitates soil carbon market scalability by assisting farmers and carbon markets incorrectly and cost-effectively quantifying carbon.
  1. Iamus Technologies has developed a robotics and artificial intelligence solution for the chicken business that adds $10 billion in value while enhancing sustainability and animal welfare.
  1. Lupinta is an R&D-driven food firm that uses Lupin as its main ingredient.
  1. Muddy Machines is a modular field robot platform that starts with Green Asparagus harvesting and generates unique crop performance data.
  1. Pharm Robotics is developing a robotic injection device for the shot administration procedure to improve herd health and reduce labor on dairy farms.
  1. SeedLinked is a seed innovation platform fueled by thousands of farmer ratings and an aggregated seed marketplace.
  1. SMAPPLAB provides accurate monitoring and forecasting of pest pressure. Sustainable agriculture requires less pesticide and greater harvest.
  1. Space AG has created farm labor optimization software.

Pharm Robotics – Improving Animal Health Standards

Pharm Robotics is developing a robotic health center to assist farmers in vaccinating their cows. When entirely built, the automated system will track when the cow was given essential medications, the type of medication she received, the dose delivered, and her weight. We then transfer this data to the cloud, where farmers can access real-time data to help them make better decisions about herd health and labor utilization. As a result, vaccination and pregnancy rates rise, labor and replacement expenses fall, and milk quality improves.

If you’d like to vote for Pharm Robotics in the THRIVE Demo Day for People’s Choice Award, head over to this link: https://airtable.com/shrF4yQKR5C3gupDe

Get Your Tickets for the Demo Day

They are giving you discounted entry as a member of the THRIVE Ecosystem. This ticket grants you entrance to the entire Inventures Conference, which will take place in the Telus Convention Center over three days. On the afternoon of June 1, the THRIVE Demo Day section of the event will take place.

Use the code PPINVTH199 to get a 50% discount on your ticket.

Get your tickets here.Β 

Riverside Angle Summit Shortlists Pharm Robotics

Back in Dec last year we reported about Pharm Robotics being one of the four startups shortlisted to compete for $100K in the First Riverside Angel Summit.


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