Product of the Year Award Goes to Riverside, CA-based Bourns IsoMOV Protectors

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Mar 31, 2022


Bourns, Inc., a prominent electronic component manufacturer, and supplier, announced on February 22nd that their IsoMOV protectors had received the Electronic Products 2021 Product of the Year Award for Passives. The Bournsยฎ IsoMOV hybrid protection component significantly advanced MOV device design. The wholly integrated GDT and MOV hybrid design delivers a cutting-edge protection solution that addresses MOV deterioration while significantly improving surge performance, operating life, and device dependability.

Product of the Year Awards at Electronic Products Magazine

The Product of the Year awards, now in their 46th year, honor outstanding products that represent a significant advancement in a technology or its application, an exceptionally innovative design, a substantial achievement in price/performance, improvements in design performance, or an increase in the potential for new product designs. The editors of Electronic Products examined more than 150 goods from ten categories.

Bourns, INC. and Its IsoMOV Protectors

Bourns, Inc. claims to have made one of the most significant advances in metal oxide varistor (MOV) device design. The new IsoMOV protectors, also known as hybrid protection components, integrate the GDT function directly into the MOV, resulting in better performance, operational life, and device reliability. Adding the GDT also addresses MOV degradation issues caused by leakage currents and extends the MOV’s operating life.

The fully integrated hybrid design includes performance characteristics often seen in larger conventional MOV devices, allowing designers to better adapt surge-protection performance to their space needs and update MOV overvoltage protection without reworking their PCB. Thanks to their industry-standard pin layouts, the IsoMOV protectors are stated to provide a significant undertaking and reliability increase over same-sized regular MOVs in a pin-to-pin drop-inโ€“replacement form factor.

According to Bourns, combining the two devices into a single package allows the GDT to limit leakage currents through the MOV that may lead to early failure, making the MOV inherently more resilient without extra circuit components.

Furthermore, MOVs are still widely employed for overvoltage protection and are frequently used in conjunction with GDTs to increase the life of MOVs, according to Bourns. Traditional cylindrical GDTs are 5 mm and 8 mm in diameter, and when paired with the MOV, they take up a lot of board real estate.

The IsoMOV protector has an AC voltage range of 175 V to 555 V, a temperature range of up to 125 C, and is well-suited for industrial, power-line communications, high-speed information-and-communication-technology equipment, and a variety of harsh environments or remote, exposed applications in which repairs can be both physically challenging and costly. The IsoMOV protector series has received UL 1449 Type 5 certification. The nominal surge ratings of the IsoM3, IsoM5, and IsoM8 models are three kA, five kA, and eight kA, respectively.

Head over to the company’s website to know more about its products.


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