Mission Inn Riverside Becomes the Venue of the Us-Mexico Border Legislative Conference: ITC Diligence Sponsors It

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Apr 11, 2022


The Annual Border Legislative Conference will provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to express their concerns, make their problems known, and lookout for a solution. The conference will be held at Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, California, from April 28th to 30th, 2022. This conference aims to help businesses affected by border issues between the United States and Mexico.

ITC Diligence International Inc.

ITC Diligence International Inc., the 4PL partner that importers, exporters, and company owners have trusted for over 30 years, will support the event and highlight how they can tackle the supply chain’s current challenges.

The US-Mexico border comprises ten states, each with its representatives, issues, activities, and aspirations. Business owners bring their representation, and they perceive tremendous value in it.

The following are the costs:

  • State Legislator | No Charge
  • Invited Speaker | No Charge
  • Guest/Staff | $200
  • Other Government/Non-Profit/Academic | $500
  • Non-Sponsor Corporate/Private Sector | $1500

This is the best approach to get your voice heard on any supply chain difficulties or expected challenges that the US-Mexico border poses to a company.

ITC Diligence International, Inc. welcomes individuals and businesses to attend the XXXIII Border Legislative Conference to meet the owners, discuss businesses, and learn more about how a 4PL relationship may help address supply chain function concerns.

Registrations will be closed on April 15th, 2022. Register here

Levels of Supply Chain Management

There are many levels of supply chain management that a company may benefit from. They are ranked from 1 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

1PL | first-party logistics.

A 1PL is the most basic logistic function involving two parties transporting items or supplies from one location to another, often from a producer to a distributor.

2PL | second-party logistics.

The 2PL works similarly to a forwarder. They allow items to be transported across large distances by truck, train, or plane.

3PL | third-party logistics.

In addition to outsourcing transportation logistics, 3PL companies provide various services. They also have Foreign Trade Zones, which house commodities utilized for various commercial activities, from assembly to destruction.

4PL | fourth-party logistics.

A 4PL can do all of the functions of a 3PL but with even more advantages. A 4PL operator’s extra benefits include logistic planning, white-glove single point of contact, impartial guidance, and project management, to name a few.

5PL | fifth-party logistics.

Fifth-Party Logistics is still in its early stages of development. From manufacture and distribution to last mile and doorstep delivery, they oversee every aspect of the supply chain.

True 5PLs are uncommon, but they will grow more widespread as corporations seek to bypass Customs Border Patrol (CBP) fines, unpredictably high tariffs, and complex global disputes.

ITC Diligence International Inc. – Supporting the Supply Chain

For almost 30 years, ITC Diligence International, Inc. has supplied importers and exporters with vital inventory management and supply chain assistance. The supply chain has faced several challenges, obstructions, and outright attacks during the last three decades. ITC Diligence International, Inc. has been there for its clients every step of the process, offering fully unbiased counsel, significant tariff and charge savings, and lightning-fast help when items in transit are delayed.

With access to Foreign Trade Zones at all main entry points in the United States, ITC Diligence International, Inc. provides firms, importers, and exporters with a single point of contact for transferring products into and out of the country.


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