Meat Snack Brand Country Archer Grows Fast: Raises $12 Million Series C Round

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Oct 26, 2021


“If you’re into reading labels, we promise ours will make you really happy or extremely bored.” The line on San Bernardino meat snack company Country Archer shows that the brand is edgy. That’s what also shows in its fast growth cemented by a $12 million Series C capital raise from long-time equity partner, Monogram Capital Partners.

With capital injection, Country Archer plans to move to a new, larger meat snack facility.

Twice in Two Years

Country Archer’s meat snacks have been well received by customers and it shows in its quick expansion. For the second time within two years the company has expanded operations to meet demand.

Though it raised funds back in February 2020, amid pandemic, the quick growth shows that there’s a lot that new startups can tap even if its not a technology niche (the latter if of-course more scalable).

1977: An Authentic Story

The company was founded by a trio of Celestino “Charlie” Mirarchi, Eugene and Susan Kang in 1977. It was from there that the brand has grown organically to what it is today.

This shows that there is always potential to grow even if its not by leaps and bounds. Country Archer has grown sustainably and organically and now plans to scale operations with its bigger meat production facility.

“As we continue to grow at such a rapid pace, one of the most important things to us is that we retain what makes our brand so special – we’re a heritage company that is still making a craft product the exact same way that the artisan butcher who taught me did,”

CEO and Co-founder, Eugene Kang

From the Investor: Monogram Capital Partners

“It’s rare to see a company experience such accelerated growth in a short amount of time and it’s been incredible to join Country Archer on this ride. What is even more unique is to find a brand in this space that controls production. Vertical integration and owning quality control are key. With their commitment to manufacturing in-house and maintaining authenticity in their products, we are confident that Country Archer will prove to be an even bigger force in the meat snack space. We’re excited to help fund this next phase of expansion and continue to invigorate the meat snack category through innovation, clean ingredients and sustainability.”

Jared Stein, Co-founder and Partner at Monogram Capital Partners.

Startempire Wire wrote about economic growth of the region and noted that industrial leasing and retail and distribution plays a huge role in the economic landscape of the Inland Empire. The growth of Country Archer confirms that as the brand belongs to the retail sector (from its product distribution perspective).

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