Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Allocates $14K To Student Hires

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


May 14, 2022


The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce announced that $14,000 of On-the-Job Training Funds has been given to Student Hires LLC with a total of $30,000+ of On-the-Job Training Funds distributed so far to bring workforce development to the Chino Valley and help students accelerate their careers.

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce 

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is the region’s largest and most comprehensive business association. The Chamber is dedicated to making the Chino Valley a top area to do business, from small businesses to giant corporations. 

The major industries in Chino Valley are:

  • Health care, 
  • Manufacturing, 
  • Distribution,
  • Retail, 
  • Utilities, 
  • Construction, and; 
  • Logistics.

The Upskill Approach of the Chino Valley 

Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Economic Development, and Leadership Development are all part of Upskill Chino Valley, a four-pronged strategy to upskilling the community to help the Chamber move to a more actively serving the business community.

On-the-Job Training Funds: Workforce Development in San Bernardino 

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development to assist in using federal money to promote workforce development programs for San Bernardino County people and companies. On-the-Job Training Funds is one of these programs that more than 32 businesses have taken advantage of. 

Student Hires LLC 

Student Hires was founded in 2015 by Manuel Zavala in response to a rising need for practical project-based work for students. Student Hires began as a creative agency managed by students. The firm provided web and graphic design services through local small and medium-sized enterprises. Local university students were engaged in executing the projects, providing them with a source of money and excellent employment chances that helped them construct their professional portfolios. 

Student Hires works with schools and districts to provide after-school programs for K-12 students directed by local college and university students. These programs provide students with essential work prospects. 

How does Student Hires LLC help students?

Student Hires began offering project-based educational programs to high school students in August 2018. These programs were created to educate students about careers in technology and help them move into entry-level community jobs.

Specifically, the organization’s activities include:

  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • After-School & Summer Programs
  • Workforce Development Pipelines
  • Student Internship Programs
  • Teacher Development Pipelines

Student Hires’ mission is to connect students with exciting career opportunities. This is something they do in all of their work. They recruit local college and university students for all of the programs. These kids will then serve as the workforce’s basis. They give students several options and allow them to get necessary work experience that can completely change their professional view. Given that Student Hires is now delivering extended learning programs conducted by local college and university students, each program they develop adds to the compounding value of opportunity for the underserved areas they serve.

Student Hires will use $14000 of On-the-Job Training funds to transform the education system through one-of-a-kind programs that uplift communities. By catering to the whole student community and providing their entire family with a range of support, Student Hires will transform communities and capitalize on the value of compounding opportunities. 

Future Endeavors for the Betterment of the Workforce

Student Hires wants to bring its programs to TK-12 schools and districts around California. These initiatives will generate direct workforce pipelines through partnerships with nearby colleges and institutions.

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to be the largest and most comprehensive business organization in the Chino Valley speaking on behalf of its member firms. Members include a mix of companies of all sizes and industries, from entrepreneurial start-up companies to large long-established business entities. The Chino Valley is indeed β€œOpen” to business and the Chamber works to make this community a premiere place to do business.

In the story above, we reported that on September 23, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 162, establishing the $600 million CERF to foster a long-term and equitable recovery from COVID-19’s economic crisis by supporting new plans and policies to diversify local economies build sustainable enterprises.


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