The Parlay Cafe: Temecula’s Newest Coffee/Co-Working Spot for Work, Meetings, and Relaxation

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


May 20, 2023


The Parlay Cafe

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  • The Parlay Cafe: Temecula’s newest coffee/co-working spot opened on the 11th of this month offers a full-service bar, private conference rooms, and a welcoming environment for work and meetings. The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • Versatile Event Venue: The Forum at Parlay Cafe provides a smart monitor setup, whiteboard, and catering services for memorable events, presentations, and workshops.
  • Investment Opportunities: Parlay Cafe invites accredited investors to be part of its expansion plans and brand awareness through the Wefunder platform.

The Parlay Cafe! It’s a trendy new coffee and co-working space causing a buzz with its inviting atmosphere, full-service amenities, and unique offerings. Whether looking for a place to work, meet with clients, or unwind, The Parlay Cafe has you covered. The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house on Thursday, May 11, 2023, to mark the grand opening of this exciting establishment.

A Cozy Den for Productivity and Connection

Founded by Don Mastrangelo, the Founder, and CEO of Parlay Cafe, this innovative spot is designed to cater to professionals seeking a versatile and welcoming space. The Parlay Cafe offers a full-service espresso bar open to the public, ensuring you can enjoy delicious coffee while working. If you’re seeking a more exclusive experience, their Members Lounge awaits, where you can pamper yourself with a Day Pass or Monthly Membership.

Private Conference Rooms and Phone Booths for Seamless Collaboration

One of the standout features of The Parlay Cafe is its private conference rooms, perfect for meetings, presentations, or training sessions. With enough space to accommodate up to 40 people, these rooms have all the necessary amenities to ensure a seamless and productive experience. Additionally, phone booths are available for private cell phone conversations or Zoom calls, providing a soundproof environment to maintain confidentiality.

The Story Behind Parlay Cafe’s Success

The brains behind Parlay Cafe are no strangers to entrepreneurial triumphs. With a wealth of experience launching successful startup companies, the founders have chosen Temecula as the headquarters for this ambitious venture. Looking to the future, Parlay Cafe plans to open an impressive 1,000 units over the next decade, expanding its influence and providing more opportunities for professionals worldwide.

Hosting Memorable Events at The Forum

Look no further than The Forum at Parlay Cafe for those seeking a captivating venue for events, presentations, or workshops. The Forum offers a versatile space to engage and captivate your audience with integrated intelligent monitors and a large whiteboard. Whether your event calls for a classroom-style setup for up to 25 participants or a theater-style configuration for up to 45, The Forum can accommodate your needs. Treat your guests to complete catering services from Parlay Cafe, ensuring a memorable and delicious experience.

Investment Opportunities with Parlay Cafe

Exciting news for investors and supporters of Parlay Cafe! The company is currently open to investment opportunities, aiming to establish new locations in strategic markets and expand its brand worldwide. Accredited investors can seize the chance to be a part of this exceptional opportunity through a partnership with Wefunder, a platform that enables investment in promising ventures. For more information or to get in touch, reach out to [email protected].


The Parlay Cafe has burst onto the Temecula scene as a premier coffee and co-working spot, providing professionals with a blend of productivity, convenience, and community. Whether searching for a welcoming environment to work, meet clients, or relax, The Parlay Cafe offers various services to meet your needs.

With private conference rooms, phone booths, and a captivating event venue, it’s no wonder this establishment generates such excitement. Take advantage of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House to experience firsthand the unique offerings of The Parlay Cafe. Additionally, explore the investment opportunities available to become part of this remarkable journey.


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