Riverside’s Ambitious Project: Building a Comprehensive Database of City Trees

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Nov 29, 2023


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  1. The City of Riverside is developing a comprehensive database of its urban trees, funded by a $1 million grant.
  2. The database will include detailed information on each tree’s species, location, condition, and maintenance history.
  3. This project is part of a growing trend among U.S. cities like New York and Denver to map urban forestry data for effective city planning and environmental management.

RIVERSIDE, CA – The City of Riverside, nestled in the heart of Riverside County, has embarked on an innovative environmental project. With a $1 million grant from the Forest Service, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Community Forestry Reduction Act, Riverside plans to develop a comprehensive database of trees across the city. This ambitious initiative is set to revolutionize how urban forestry is managed and cared for in the city.

A Trailblazing Tree Database

The proposed database will meticulously record crucial details about the city’s trees, including their species, location, condition, and maintenance history. This digital cataloging will give city officials, researchers, and the public valuable insights into the urban forest’s health and needs.

Why Trees Matter: More Than Just Greenery

Trees play a vital role in urban settings, offering benefits beyond aesthetics. They improve air quality, provide shade, reduce the urban heat island effect, and support local ecosystems. Understanding the specifics of each tree helps city planners make informed decisions about tree care, preservation, and urban development.

National Trends: Cities Embracing Urban Forestry Data

Riverside is not alone in its endeavor. Cities and states across the U.S. recognize the importance of urban forestry data. For instance, New York City maintains a detailed tree inventory through its TreesCount! Program. Denver, Colorado, has a similar initiative, providing a public database of the city’s trees. These databases aid in the management of urban green spaces, promoting healthier and more sustainable cities.

Riverside’s Plan: What to Expect

The Riverside tree database project will involve several phases, including data collection, analysis, and creating a user-friendly public interface. This comprehensive approach ensures that the database will be a valuable tool for years to come, aiding conservation efforts and enhancing the city’s green infrastructure.

The Bigger Picture: A Step Towards Greener Cities

Riverside’s project is a testament to the growing recognition of urban forestry’s role in creating sustainable, livable cities. By investing in this database, Riverside sets an example for other cities, highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship in urban planning.


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