ProfitCON 2021 by Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Network

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Sep 10, 2021


ProfitCON 2021

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Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Network is conducting the ProfitCON202, a small business conference on Thu, Sep 23, 2021, from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM PDT.

The conference aims to help startups and existing small businesses that want to grow. Inland Empire Small Business Development Center is an SBA (Small Business Administration) funded organization that offers business consulting, training, and online courses to entrepreneurs and business owners. It operates throughout the Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

ProfitCON 2021

The conference is divided into four sessions, namely:

Session I: The Ultimate Business Plan

This is the introductory session where SBDC Consultant Hugo Loyola will demonstrate your company’s planning and writing a strategic business plan. In addition, the session will include tips on enhancing the working efficiency of a business.

Session II: Mo-Marketing, Mo-Money

The most important session of the conference deals with attracting new customers and expanding the existing services. In addition, it covers the essential sales and marketing implementation tactics to ensure the success of a business. SBDC Consultant Lisa Napolitano will host the second session. Lisa is an executive coach and advisor to firms on value creation. She is also the managing partner of B2B Value Group, a specialty consulting and training firm.

Session III: Top Sources of Capital for Business Owners

Mike Pagani, an SBDC Consultant, will present the third session and share multiple options to get business capital. The presentation also includes steps to improve your net income and a simple financial tool to help you track critical financial KPIs.


The ProfitCON Conference concludes with a networking session that you can leverage to introduce your business to the participants, make connections, and exchange ideas.

Why attend ProfitCON 2021?

With in-person events resuming after restrictions were imposed due to the COVID-19 situation, you can benefit from this conference in many ways if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur.

Some of the key advantages are:

  • Hands-on workshops with practical guidance on the core areas of your business
  • Networking opportunities with business owners, consultants, area resources, and partners
  • 1:1 appointments to discuss your idea or business with SBDC business consultants who happen to be current and former business owners

Other conferences by SBDC California

SBDC Orange County also held a small business growth summit on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021. The venue is Great Wolf Lodge at Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove. Sessions for this conference include sessions about developing an all-star team, social media’s kept secrets, branding, workforce development, cash for growth, and COVID-19 SBA funding updates.

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