WWR40: SAC Health, Governor Newsom’s Budget Revision, Amazon’s expansion, Logistics Airport & More


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WWR40: SAC Health, Governor Newsom's Budget Revision, Amazon's expansion, Logistics Airport & More
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Want To Know What’s going on for Startups & the Startup Community in the Inland Empire? Check out the Startempire Weekly Wire Roundup.
This video Newsletter is a wrap Up of Articles, News & Events around the Inland Empire & part of Startempire Wire – an aggregate location on the web dedicated to connecting you with the best startups, people and events in the Inland Empire
All of the Articles mentioned in this roundup and the script can be found on The Startempire Wire Website.

0:00 Intro

In Weekly Wire Roundup No.40 we cover:
00:23 Governor Newsom Revises 2022-23 Budget: California Competes, Climate Innovation, and Small Business Relief in Spotlight
1:25 The University of California Riverside To Offer Paid Data Analytics Program in Partnership with Tableau
2:14 Amazon Opened 15+ sites across Southern California in 2021: To add 2500 Jobs in the region
3:18 Commercial
5:04 Inland Empire Health Plan Gives โ€˜Mission INSPIREโ€™ Award to Rancho Cucamonga-based SAC Health
5:51 Southern California Logistics Airport in San Bernardino County Enables Business, Military, and Freight Needs
6:38 LAโ€™s High Living Cost Causes Families & Professionals To Migrate To the Inland Empire

Upcoming Meetups & Meetings. NEXT TWO WEEKS

7:32 โ€ข #IEWP Monthly Meetup (General Meetup) – Jun 7 (7pm)
7:52 โ€ข Growing Tech In Southwest Riverside County – Jun 7 (3:30PM)

8:13 โ€ข VIRTUAL WordPress Workshop Night – #IEWP – Jun 9 (7PM)
8:31 โ€ข WordPress Developer Night – #IEWP – Jun 14 (7PM)
8:51 โ€ข Cyber Talks Virtual Meetup – Jun 14 (6PM)
9:09 โ€ข Pop up, Shop and wine tasting – Jun 25 (4PM)

9:25 Outro

A summary of this weekโ€™s roundup can be found here:

Weekly Wire RoundUp: Governor Newsom’s Budget Revision, Amazon’s Expansion, Logistics Airport & More

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