BNSF to Improve Train Infrastructure in San Bernardino: California Makes Key Appointment for Sustainable Supply Chain

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Jun 14, 2022


The San Bernardino City Council has decided to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for BNSF’s proposed gap closure project, which aims to improve train infrastructure in and out of the company’s existing San Bernardino Intermodal Facility. 

On the other hand, Governor Gavin Newsom Appoints Trelynd Bradley as the Deputy Director of Sustainable Freight and Supply Chain Development at GO-Biz. 

Both initiatives are tailored to improve the supply chain network of San Bernardino county.

Supply Chain Network of San Bernardino

The San Bernardino economy is the second-largest in California, after the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The region is home to several vital industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and high technology.

The San Bernardino County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was established in 1992 as a public-private partnership between the local government and the business community to promote economic development. The EDC has been instrumental in attracting new companies to San Bernardino and helping existing businesses expand into new markets.

In 2009, the EDC launched an initiative to improve the supply chain network of San Bernardino County by creating an inventory-based hub for the distribution of goods across the state. This project made it easier for companies from all over the country to ship goods directly to San Bernardino without having to go through Los Angeles first.

Building out this inventory-based hub reduced congestion on state highways and improved productivity for manufacturers and retailers.

As the infrastructure improves, it is expected more startups will make San Bernardino it’s home. Plant Prefab, a San Bernardino startup that builds prefabricated homes raised $30M in its Series B funding. The startup’s funding news sounds exciting, especially as it plans to open a second factory in Ontario, California. Plant Prefab claims its key differentiation is building offsite homes 20-50% faster than traditional builders.   

Improving Train Infrastructure in San Bernardino

With roughly 4.3 miles of additional fourth main track in two pieces along the present BNSF line from the BNSF bridge at State Street/University Parkway to its intermodal complex, the project will increase the facility’s efficiency.

The project will improve freight transportation on this vital BNSF east-west line, which connects the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the rest of the country.

“We’re pleased that this project is moving forward, as it reflects our continued commitment to improve efficiency for our customers while providing important benefits to the local community,” 

~ Tom Williams, Group Vice President – Consumer Products Business Group.

Train idling will be reduced by 43% due to reducing track bottlenecks that caused trains to wait to access BNSF’s plant, with corresponding noise and air quality benefits. BNSF is also investing in new and improved highways, stormwater, drainage, and other upgrades that go above and beyond what is necessary.

BNSF unveiled a $3.55 billion capital investment plan for 2022 earlier this year, including a $283 million set out for California. This project is a part of that promise, and it is now in the final stages of design and engineering, with construction set to begin in 2024.

Governor Gavin Newsom Appoints Trelynd Bradley 

While improving freight transportation is a new step towards the betterment of the supply chain, another key development is the appointment of  Trelynd Bradley as the Deputy Director at Go-Biz.

His appointment will help streamline California’s effort to enhance the supply chain resiliency of the state.

“California’s supply chain ecosystem in many ways defines the journey of tomorrow. I look forward to bringing my skills and background to the table as well as working with and learning from the people across it that I know to make it truly a marble of collective achievement.”

Said Trelynd Bradley 

Overall, California has a deserved reputation as a forward-thinking state regarding progressive social, political, and business policy. This appointment is just another indication that the state is actively working to improve the sustainability of its supply chain network. 


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