Murrieta Genomics- A Life Sciences Startup Incubator in the Inland Empire

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Mar 5, 2022


Murrieta Genomics is a life sciences startup incubator located in Murrieta City in the Inland Empire. It is the only facility that specializes in supporting genomic startups. It is helping startups in the DNA and genome sequencing space to answer tough questions and solve hard problems.

It incubates startups applying solutions in the precision medicine, agriculture, forensics, veterinary and direct to consumer applications. The incubator offers entrepreneurs access to the specialized equipment, know-how and mentors that can transform research into commercial enterprise.

The incubator is located in the Murrieta Innovation Center, a new city-owned facility designed for life science startups. The Innovation Center is conveniently located near freeways and shopping areas in South West Riverside County.

Why Choose Murrieta Genomics?

The mission of Murrieta Genomics is to help founders and entrepreneurs succeed. This incubator is dedicated to helping founders, entrepreneurs, and companies grow by providing access to high-quality business and industry experts, high-level research, industry connections, and state-of-the-art labs.

Murrieta Genomics provides lab space, equipment, and expertise to entrepreneurs developing products and technologies related to DNA sequencing, genomics, and personalized medicine. They also offer biotech startup support services, genomics education, workforce development programs, and various collaborative spaces for meetings and private events.

The incubator’s backers explicitly chose Murrieta because it is home to Loma Linda University Medical Center and the University of California Riverside School of Medicine. Both have extensive research departments that could provide lab space and access to new genetic discoveries.

What does Murrieta Genomics offer to its Clients? 

Murrieta Genomics collaborates with local entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, mentors, partners, and Murrieta City.

The clients use their co-working space for everything from single desks to private offices and for meetings in the classroom, lab, or event space. Their memberships include access to all the collaborative spaces and amenities, high-speed WiFi and onsite IT support, printing and copying, a coffee bar with espresso machine, snacks, and even lunch on Fridays.

Murrieta Genomics’s primary goal is to support entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of new technologies related to genomics and proteomics, so they can rapidly convert their ideas into genuine products for patients.

Collaboration with Scientists:

Murrieta Genomics provides a collaborative and supportive environment for scientists to validate their findings and collaborate with other scientists. Bench space, access to NGS technology, business mentorship, connections to financing resources, consulting contacts, workshops, grant support, and more are available through the incubator. It plans to collaborate with other genomic-related groups worldwide, opening new and exciting possibilities for client’s research!

Collaboration with Entrepreneurs

Murrieta Genomics searches for entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses from the ground up. Talented scientists are working on new technologies and business concepts and are looking for a partner to help them implement their ideas to market. 

The startup partners with scientists and business professionals to get these breakthrough discoveries, services, and products to market. They want to connect with people who understand the effort and perseverance required to build a company from the ground up and build a team and plan that can turn a fantastic concept into a profitable business.

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, hover over to the link below to know more about Murrieta Genomics’s collaboration with entrepreneurs: 

Collaboration with Investors

Murrieta Genomics gives membership interests in the startup, providing investors a unique opportunity to participate in the genomics revolution. Their hybrid business model, which generates sequencing income to fund operational costs while incubating the next generation of biotech startups, provides a unique opportunity to get in on potential opportunities early while knowing that your money is always working for you.

Want to collaborate with Murrieta Genomics as an investor? Get to know more about this opportunity at: 

Collaboration with Mentors

Are you a retired subject matter expert who can assist entrepreneurs in overcoming obstacles? Do you have business expertise and wish to “pay it forward” by mentoring some entrepreneurs in the Murrieta Genomics incubator? 

Murrieta Genomics seeks to link with people with degrees in law, accountancy, marketing, human resources, and science (to mention a few) who want to spend some of their time engaging on subjects with societal implications.

Want to become a part of this top-notch startup? Get in touch with them at:

Collaboration with Partners

Murrieta Genomics loves to partner with companies that believe that there could be enormous ways in which they both can work together and produce astounding results. 

It’s the right time to partner up with Murrieta Genomics, so if you’ve got the flair to serve as a fantastic partner, contact them at:

Current partnerships of Murrieta Genomics include:

  • Genomics England’s Discovery Forum.
  • Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.
  • SoCalBio
  • Hello Tomorrow
  • Biocom

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