Assemblymember James Ramos secures $1M in state funding for Inland Empire residents

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Aug 30, 2021


Low Income Inland Empire

Assemblymember James Ramos was vital to securing a $1 Million grant from for a job training program. The program will impart property management and maintenance services to low-income Inland Empire residents.

The funding will be used to launch CORE Academy – a workforce development initiative and partnership between National CORE and Chaffey College.


National CORE is non-profit organization that builds affordable housing communities It enhances neighborhood stability by managing and operating these communities on a long-term basis. The organization also provides community services like senior wellness, preschool and afterschool programs, and family financial training.

The funding was allocated to Chaffey College as an implementation partner to support the setting up of CORE Academy. The need for funding National CORE Academy was championed by assemblymember James C. Ramos.

“Our state is facing historic challenges resulting from the economic devastation caused by the pandemic,” Especially during times like these, we must create opportunities for everyone in our society to work well-paying jobs without subjecting themselves to a lifetime of debt. Workforce development programs like the CORE Academy are key to creating true economic mobility, and I’m proud to be part of this partnership.”

James Ramos

Trouble finding qualified candidates

The grant by the state assembly will help reduce the skills gap which is at the heart of a new discussion that will define how training and development dollars are spent by the state governments. A study by the U.S Chamber of Commerce found that “74% of hiring managers agree that there is a skills gap in the current labor market, with 48% saying that candidates lack the skills needed to fill open jobs“.

The chamber proposed three ways this gap can be plugged:

  1. Increase upskilling initiatives for current employees

2. Strengthen talent pipelines with by partnering with education institutes

3. Better align the educational program curricula and the skills needed in the workforce

The latest funding to set-up CORE Academy aims to achieve the last of the three methods put forth by the U.S Chamber of Commerce.

Are apprenticeships an answer to the U.S skills-gap woes?

The proposed National CORE Academy is meant to save low-income residents of the Inland Empire from a lifetime debt that college graduates usually assume. Since, the property market, both industrial and commercial is hot in the State of California, an able property maintenance executive can earn median salaries ranging from $35,000 to $70,000, opening opportunities for low-debt economic mobility.

However, enrolling in a college degree program to acquire skills to become a property maintenance executive is a costly equation. That is where programs like National Core Academy will help low-income residents of the Inland Empire to ramp up their skills in a short time.

A look at the AB132 Bill reveals that the state assembly is funding other notable initiatives as well. These include new funding for InTech Center at Chaffey College and Bakersfield College. We will soon cover the number and nature of grants for the Inland Empire currently funded by the state and the federal government.


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