Helping Entrepreneurs Leverage Good Debt & Spur Growth with Anthony O’Brien of Spartan Consulting


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Helping Entrepreneurs Leverage Good Debt & Spur Growth with Anthony O'Brien of Spartan Consulting
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Entrepreneur Anthony O’Brien. We discuss Anthony’s journey of entrepreneurship in credit consulting and how he has helped other entrepreneurs leverage good debt. We also talk about where Anthony currently is in the growth process with current goals and needs.

Spartan Consulting is owned and operated by a team of highly qualified and ambitious entrepreneurs. Well versed in the credit industry. Spartan is a credit repair company as well as a business credit consulting agency that specializes in accelerating financial independence for individuals and entrepreneurs looking to get ahead in their financial situation through acquiring cash flowing assets and businesses like Automated E-Commerce Stores, Airbnb, all β€˜Boring Businesses’, Cleaning Companies, Drayage/Freight Trucking, Exotic Car Rentals, Franchise Acquisition, Real Estate Investing etc.

Their clients are assisted in the setting up of their LLC (our preferred business entity type), optimizing their personal credit, establishing a credible business credit profile, gaining relationships with our partnered banks & lenders, Along with lifetime access to our support team.

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1:05 Your Personal Introduction
5:33 Partnership
13:40 Commercial
15:30 Credit is Evil?
25:34 Your business in One Line
30:38 How many people know about your Business
34:07 Growth of your Startup
42:48 Funding other Businesses
49:20 Short term goals of your Startup
51:38 Future Long term goals of your Startup
1:03:38 Info about you & your startup online

Startup ProfileΒ  & Transcript

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