Enabling Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential with Dr. Reggie Thomas of Peake Potential Inc


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Enabling Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential with Dr. Reggie Thomas of Peake Potential Inc
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Entreprenuer Dr. Reggie Thomas. We discuss Dr. Reggies’ journey of entrepreneurship as an executive coach and how he has helped companies, leaders & professionals reach their peak potential. We also talk about where Peake Potential Inc currently is in the growth process with current goals and needs.

Reggie’s greatest strength is relationships. Over the years he has cultivated and nurtured multiple relationships at various levels of his life – both personally and professionally. His passion is to help leaders develop healthy relationships in the workplace as well as help individuals enjoy fulfilling and enriching relationships. Reggie holds a doctorate degree in organization development and his doctoral dissertation was in the area of the value and benefit of emotional intelligence. He has used that research to help scores of leaders improve their leadership skills and improve culture and morale in the workplace.

Reggie is President of PeakePotential, which is a new firm that focuses on executive coaching, leadership coaching, training and consulting. He brings a wealth of experience in providing resources in the area of emotional intelligence, JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) issues, team building, leadership, conflict management and building healthy organization culture. Reggie is passionate about investing and pouring into other leaders. He is a β€œleader of leaders,” who wants to see leaders reach the apex of their leadership potential.

Reggie also has a passion for investing in others personally to improve the quality of their lives. PeakePotential will also offer the service of life coaching to help people with life balance, self-care, healthy relationships, setting boundaries, discovery of life purpose, legacy building and other life issues.

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0:54 Your Personal Introduction
5:30 More about his business
10:46 Commercial
9:58 Beginning of Compliance Specialists
11:43 Crossover of Previous Career
13:00 Needs of your Startup
23:14 Growth of your Startup
25:21 Growing Pains of your Startup
28:30 Current Needs of your Startup
31:09 Short term Goals
33:20 Future Term Goals
35:45 Info about you & your startup online

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