Hell’s Kitchen Integrated Lithium and Power Project: Investors Flock to California’s Lithium Valley

By: Sharjeel Sohaib


Aug 6, 2022


CTR’s Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power project is situated in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field in Imperial Valley, California.

CTR is actively engaged in the automotive, energy, and technology industries. One of the world’s largest known geothermal deposits is in the center of CTR’s Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power project. Hell’s Kitchen is the first new, fully integrated geothermal-lithium project to start building worldwide. 

Key Takeaways:

  • In California, USA, CTR is working on an integrated geothermal power and lithium extraction complex (the “Project” or “Hell’s Kitchen”) on its leasehold over the Salton Sea Geothermal Field (“SSGF”) lithium brine potential. 
  • The White House and the federal government have given CTR high acclaim for the production of the Lithium Valley. So, It will continue to collaborate closely with the automotive and battery manufacturing industries to create the cleanest and most sustainable EV battery eco-system in existence right now.

Success of CTR 

As the last 3 months turned out to be the most successful ones for CTR, so Startempre Wire has got a few points to report: 

  • With Stellantis, one of the most prominent automobile groups in the world, CTR inked a legally binding offtake deal to deliver up to 25,000 metric tonnes of lithium hydroxide annually for ten years.
  • The Strategic Investment and Collaboration Agreement between CTR and General Motors has been strengthened further.
  • Additionally, CTR and Statevolt wrote a Letter of Intent to supply lithium and electricity for the latter’s planned 54GWh battery production facility in Imperial County.

Analysis of the HK1 and HK2 Wells

The first two production wells have exceeded all expectations, and CTR has finished a conclusive resource analysis.

CTR successfully finished drilling the HK1 and HK2 full-diameter commercial wells. Both were drilled in a directed way and finished at measured depths of 8,618 feet and 8,000 feet, respectively. 

Both wells have a shown capacity in the 36MW to 38MW range when compared in the same process setup, which is higher than usual production wells in the Salton Sea field, which average around 18-20MW for a triple-flash power plant design.

Examination of Mineral Resources

Strong results have been validated by additional examination of the mineral resource, with measured lithium values recovered from HK1 and HK2 average of 220 mg/kg. This is a 22 percent increase over the earlier predictions incorporated into engineering and financial modeling. 

This is a significant finding for the development and supports other findings in the field that professionals and others with Salton Sea geothermal experience have made. These figures and the ongoing engineering work process continue to push this region of the geothermal area in the United States closer to reserve status.

Salton Sea

Startempire Wire reported about the Salton Sea becoming a major source of Lithium extraction as investors flock to the region looking for a vast natural resource of Lithium.

Lithium demand is skyrocketing as the world moves toward a sustainable energy economy. Lithium mining now has a severe environmental cost and relies on only a few nations around the globe. A technological shift is necessary to harness a more extensive, more sustainable resource base to meet countries’ needs dedicated to a cleaner future.

Wrap Up!

To fulfill the enormous market demand for lithium offtake and clean, reliable renewable energy, CTR’s world-class team is still looking into every opportunity to reduce Project costs, increase product delivery, and shorten development schedules.


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    Sharjeel joined Startempire Wire as emerging technologies editor. Earlier, he worked at Silicon Canals, a leading English language technology media source for the Benelux and wider Europe. He covered the European technology and startup ecosystem digging into latest funding rounds of startups.


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