Wire Bot is your Startempire Wire concierge

Learn about Wire Bot, the automated way for you to about and interact with Startempire Wire !




hello Initiate conversation with WIRE BOT I’m WIRE BOT, your Startempire Wire Concierge! Save me as a contact on your phone! To get started text TOUR, MENU, WIRE or BOTDOCS



🤖 What is Wire Bot?

The Startempire Wire bot is an interactive dialogue, that can be accessed from our toll free number (8555699473), for Startempire Wire community members and potential members to get easy access to important Startempire Wire features quickly.  Text “Hello” to (855) 569-9473 to start interacting or go to the WIRE BOT page to view a full list of options! 

🖐 How do I submit Wire Bot Suggestions? 

We’re excited that wire bot excites you!   We are open to suggestions of ways to improve wire bot!   If you have a suggestion that you would like to submit please use this form to submit your command / response.  If all goes well it will be added to Wire Bot’s programming and we will notify you!

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