Startempire Wire Podcast Preparation

Thank you for applying to come on the Startempire Wire Podcast.  The goal of the is podcast is to present the stories of the Startups in the Inland Empire in a way that will allow them to
  • Increase Startup or Business exposure & Get noticed
  • Allow for awareness of products or services
  • Be a megaphone for them
🕒 Startup entrepreneur or business owner? Click here to book a time to be on the Startempire Wire podcast!

✍ Prepare Your Interview Responses

Now that you are on the schedule for the event you will want to prepare.  You can can prepare your responses to questions in our interview by following this simple outline of what we will cover.  I have provided a brief description of the points we cover in the interview here with approximate times we spend on each point:
  • Your Personal Introduction (5 min)* –  Who are you as a person?  What is the place you grew up and what led you to the place where you wanted to become an entrepreneur and create a startup or a business.
  • Introduction & Origin of your Startup (5 min)* –  What was the spark that caused your startup?  Tell us about the unique circumstances that caused the birth of the idea.
  • What need does your Startup meet? (10 min)* –  Let’s get in depth and talk about how your startup is meeting the particular needs your created it to meet.  Are there any others who are doing something similar to you What is unique and different about what you do and your startup?
  • The Growth of Your Startup (5 min)* –  Tell us about the growth of your startup from the beginning till this point in time?  What has been some of the growing pains that you have experienced and how have you overcome them?
  • Current Needs of Your Startup (5 min)* –  What are the current needs of your startup at your current stage?  Many of the needs of startups are similar but each startup has it’s own unique needs as well.  What are some of the ways you are seeking to meet the needs and who are the people you are hoping to meet to help fulfill the needs you have?
  • Short term goals of your Startup (5 min)* –  Let’s get into your short term / Immediate goals.  What are you currently focused on accomplishing?  How are you getting there?
  • Future goals of your Startup (5 min)* –  Tell us about your long term future.  Where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5 years & 10 Years. Where do you want your startup to be in the  long-term.
  • Info about you & your startup online (5 min)* –  Finally, Please tell us where people can find you and your startup on the internet.  What is your website & what are your social media profiles?  Do you currently have any promotions going on that you would like to let people know about?

🏗 Prepare Your Environment

To be sure that you are not interrupted, be sure that you are in an environment that is relatively secluded but with a great internet connection.
  • Choose a quiet space – Be sure to choose a space in a room that is free from audio and visual distractions. We conduct this interview via video conference so it is imperative that you fins a place that has as few audio and visual distractions as possible.
  • Find good lighting – We open most of our interview times during daylight hours in part to help you get the best lighting possible.  if you can position yourself with your face to a window shining in the daylight then most times you get really good lighting.
  • Find a Comfortable space – Be sure that you are in a place where you are at complete ease. Sitting or standing is up to you but be sure that you can be in that position for around an hour. (~ 1hr)

🖥 Prepare Your Equipment

There are a few ways to get the best out of your equipment when you are getting prepared to be on the  Startempire Wire podcast
  • Download Zoom – if you have not already downloaded and installed the free Zoom application [referral link] please go ahead and do it.
  • Test Your Mic – before we jump on the podcast test your mic through the Setting in Zoom.  If you are using an internal mic from your computer, your sound may not be as good as cheap mic off of Amazon.  Either will do but an external mic may give you better quality.
  • Test Your Sound – be sure you go to the Zoom preferences to test that your speakers are outputting sound from Zoom as well.  We can take the first 5 minutes of our time to verify all of this works but it is best for you to test beforehand.
  • Use Headphones (optional) –  having a good set of head phones carry a double benefit of keeping you focused and insulated from outside noise while allowing your computer to not pick up voices and outside sounds in the recording.  If you have a good set of headphones to use in the interview do that.

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