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Founder’s Podcast

The Startempire Wire Founder's Podcast is our flagship podcast and the entry point opportunity form members of our community to be able to get the word out about their ecosystem activities, entrepreneurial endeavors, products or services.

The audiences of the podcast and those welcome to do an interview include:

  • Local Startup Founders & Entreprenuers
  • Local Government Officials
  • Local University Leaders

The format of the founder's podcast is a 1 - on -1 interview [35-45 mins] that covers the journey of the person being interviewed with the goal of highlighting your special endeavors and giving our local startup ecosystem the opportunity to connect with you!

if you are a Wire or ExtraWire Member it is free for you to be on the podcast.  If you are not an upgraded  member and you would like to be on the Founder's Podcast then can get on an episode for a one time payment of $150.

Startempire Wire Affiliates

Becoming a Startempire Wire Affiliate will give you massive opportunity to be able to grow our local ecosystem while making some cold hard cash!  Startempire Wire believes STRONGLY the ability of collaboration.

Editorial Promotions

Ad Placements on Website


Startempire Wire Advertisers

The intention of building Startempire Wire from the beginning has been to create an authoritative platform that will compete in the search engines and bring credibility to the Inland Empire's Small Businesses and startups.  One of the primary inspirations for Startempire Wire and the way we publish is TechCrunch.   Even though we do not expect to be exactly TechCrunch we are proud of the fact that in the first year and a few months our platform surpassed 1Million+  views and more recently has climbed to a very authoritative spot amongst global domains with a 45 out of 100 rating.

We know the work that is required to make this happen and we will continue to add value to our personal domain and ponly continue to grow in traffic and search engine noteriety.  With that in mind we are the perfect place for local small businesses and startups to begin to get exposure to new audiences that are regions specific.  As a Startempire Wire Advertiser you get the opportunity to do this in multiple ways.

Currently we are offering several ways for you to get your brand, products or services before our audience and these include:

  • Podcast Advertising - as
  • Banner Advertising -
  • Editorial Promotions -
  • Weekly Wire Roundup Advertising -

To access the opportunity to advertise sign-up for an advertiser account that is free with any of our premium accounts.

Ecosystem Champions

Being an Ecosystem Champion with Startempire Wire Gives you the opportunity to build credibility and authority as a person within our local startup ecosystem. This is possible through your editorial contributions to the Startempire Wire Website.

Benefits of the Ecosystem Champions

  • Public notoriety amongst the Startempire Wire Community
  • Affiliate-ship with a 60% Earning Split
  • Opportunity to share your expertise with the Startempire Community
    • via Written Op-ed pieces
    • via Virtual Conferences
  • Badge For Website
  • Full Follow Link from Startempire Wire to your Website (Increase SEO)

To Qualify as an Ecosystem Champion you must:

Fill out form and be approved


Sponsor Opportunities

When you become a Startempire Wire Sponsor, you unlock an opportunity for powerful patronage and brand alignment with purpose and perks.  Every first year Startempire Wire Sponsor become an official Charter Sponsor & will have lifetime perks.  By becoming a sponsor you are helping to build a growing and sustainable startup culture in our region!



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If you’d like to sign up to become an official Startempire Wire Affiliate, you’ll need a Wire or ExtraWire Membership + a Free Advertiser account.


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