Using The “Megaphone of The Media” To Promote Startups with Lou Desmond of Desmond & Louis, Inc


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Using The “Megaphone of The Media” To Promote Startups with Lou Desmond of Desmond & Louis, Inc
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Entrepreneur Lou Desmond, Founder of Desmond & Louis PR. We discuss Lou’s journey of the creation of Desmond & Louis PR & talk about where his Startup currently is in the growth process and current goals and needs.

Desmond & Louis is a full-service communications agency based in San Bernardino County, California. Founded in 2010 by two consultants, the agency operates as a sole proprietorship with a flat organizational structure. The principals and founders are actively involved in every account on a daily basis. Each client of Desmond & Louis is served by a highly experienced professional, supported by a dedicated team.

The agency prides itself on its ability to harness the power of media to bring attention to clients and increase industry awareness of their brands. Whether working with start-ups or established brands, privately held companies or government entities, Desmond & Louis helps clients tell their stories through compelling communication delivered to a worldwide media network.

Desmond & Louis is one of the only communications agencies in California with extensive experience in public relations for real estate, economic development, and workforce development agencies. Additionally, the agency handles public relations for a wide range of privately held businesses and has significant experience in the public sector. The team at Desmond & Louis brings a combined 45 years of experience to their clients.
Through dedication, creativity, and a commitment to quality, Desmond & Louis is able to achieve excellent results for clients within budget.

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01:15 Introduction
02:24 Journey of Business
04:09 More about Business
17:59 Commercial
19:45 2nd half of story
30:07 Business Tips
40:59 Future Goals
51:34 Where people can find

Startup Profile  & Transcript

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