Taking Advertisity and Making it Sparkle with Brenee Antoinette of House of Antoinette


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Taking Advertisity and Making it Sparkle with Brenee Antoinette of House of Antoinette
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Entrepreneur Brenee Antoinette, Founder of House of Antoinette. We discuss Brenee’s journey of the creation of House of Antoinette & talk about where her Startup currently is in the growth process and current goals and needs.
Brenee is passionate creative with extensive experience in community outreach and development. She has spent the better part of her adult life finding creative ways to facilitate inclusion, promote higher education, enhance student outcomes and build community relationships. Her work centers around advocacy, empowerment and cultivating spaces where various communities can feel seen, heard, represented and included.
As a public speaker she has had the opportunity to present hundreds of customized presentations and workshops that promote professional and personal development.
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0:50 Your Personal Introduction
2:15 Introduction & Origin of your Startup
6:15 Different types of categories
8:50 What need does your Startup meet?
10:22 The Growth of Your Startup
13:05 Commercial
15:21 First things to understand about her startup
16:24 Current Needs of Your Startup
19:45 Short term goals of your Startup
24:40 Future goals of your Startup
27:01 Info about you & your startup online

Startup ProfileΒ  & Transcript

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