Reshaping 100 Years of Human Habit With Paul Francis of KIGT Inc.


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Startempire Wire
Reshaping 100 Years of Human Habit With Paul Francis of KIGT Inc.
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with Paul Francis, Founder & CEO of KIGT (Keep it Green Tech). We discuss Paul’s journey of the creation of KIGT & talk about where his startup currently is in the startup process. KIGT is a green tech company whose core focus is providing clean affordable fuel and energy infrastructure options to individual consumers and commercial customers. KIGT designs and manufactures an intelligent compact yet stylish 220V/30Amp bi-directional fast chargers for battery electric vehicles.

0:01 Your Personal Introduction
1:31 Introduction & Origin of your Startup
6:22 What need does your Startup meet?
16:29 The Growth of Your Startup
19:20 Current Needs of Your Startup
22:10 Short term & Long Term goals of your Startup
26:14 Info about you & your startup online

Startup ProfileΒ  & Transcript

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