Making Dreams Come True by Providing H.O.P.E With Diane Strand of JDS Creative Academy


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Making Dreams Come True by Providing H.O.P.E With Diane Strand of JDS Creative Academy
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Entrepreneur Diane Strand, Founder of JDS Creative Academy. We discuss Diane’s journey of the creation of Several of her Business along with JDS Creative Academy & talk about where her Startup currently is in the growth process and current goals and needs.
JDSCA is a nonprofit 501c3 that is about education, training and apprenticeships in visual and performing arts. We have classes and programs in many art disciplines. Acting, Script Writing, Production, Music, & Fine Art.
The mission of JDS Creative Academy is to advance education and training in the arts; theatre, music, creative writing, fine art and production art. To fulfilling the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) requirement per the California Education Core Standard to the Home School, Online School, Traditional School and Trade School population. JDSCA’s purpose is to enhance the future of the Southwest California Area, our Youth, and the Arts, Engineering and Technological workforce in California and throughout the Nation through Education, Training, and Apprenticeship.
The motivation behind establishing JDS Creative Academy is to help anyone who needs or wants education and training in the arts field. Providing an opportunity for gaining creative enrichment, self confidence, leadership, and collaboration skills through creative production arts. It is hard for our youth to integrate into the arts profession without learning their craft in a collaborative competitive environment. JDS Creative Academy will allow this population to experience that environment and reach new heights in their future education and career goals. The economic climate in the California education system is gloomy. Many necessary vocational and arts programs are being reduced or eliminated. The local school districts are looking to outside sources to fill the void the State is unable to finance through equipment and staff needs. In today’s new emerging workforce an education in visual and performing/production arts is needed to succeed in the future of tomorrow. For these reasons, a creative academy such as JDS Creative Academy is needed to support an ever changing educational environment.
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0:52 Your Personal Introduction
6:51 Introduction & Origin of your Startup
8:22 Experience in this Industry
14:16 Commercial
17:10 What need does your Startup meet?
21:16 The Growth of Your Startup
25:23 What is DigiFest Temecula
27:15 Current Needs of Your Startup
31:22 Short term goals of your Startup
35:00 Future goals of your Startup
38:08 Info about you & your startup online

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