Cultivating Co-working Communitywith Klarissa Hope of TailoredSpace Riverside


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Cultivating Co-working Communitywith Klarissa Hope of TailoredSpace Riverside
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Show Notes

In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Community Director of TailoredSpace Riverside Klarissa Hope. We discuss Klarissa’s journey of being the community director at TailoredSpace Riverside. We end by talking about where TailoredSpace is in the growth process with current goals and needs. Get in contact with Klarissa: [email protected], +1(951)755-0044.

TailoredSpace Campuses provide space to grow from coworking Desks to dedicated Offices and Suites. Every memberships is fully furnished and offered on a month-to-month basis. Every Campus is centered around coworking & communal spaces (lounge, kitchen, conference rooms, outside seating) which increases the special efficiency while creating collaborative & community driven work environments.

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1:42 Your Personal Introduction
4:48 Renting space in IE
9:24 Commercial
11:15 Learnings at TailoredSpace
13:40 Cultivating the Environment
20:19 Outreaches of Business
22:40 Short term Goals
24:02 Future Goals
26:18 Info about you & your startup online

Startup ProfileΒ  & Transcript

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