Building Sustainable Businesses Using Innovation & The Digital Space With Robyn Mancell


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Building Sustainable Businesses Using Innovation & The Digital Space With Robyn Mancell
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In this episode of The Startempire Wire Founder’s Podcast I sit down with #Entrepreneur Robyn Mancell , Founder of EVOLV BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER. We discuss Robyn’s journey of the creation of Evolv & talk about where her Startup currently is in the growth process and current goals and needs.
Evolv Business Development Center is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to helping small business owners develop the skills to create sustainable and profitable business. Evolv works with underrepresented and underserved communities who want a distinct and competitive advantage in uncertain times.
Building a sustainable business that will scale requires a certain structure and an evaluation of their existing business model. Evolv takes inventory on where your business is today and creates a roadmap to identify gaps and realign the operational structure to increase value. Evolv holds free workshops once a month in person or on Zoom to help business owners understand how they can improve and grow.
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0:50 Your Personal Introduction
1:49 Introduction & Origin of your Startup
6:40 What need does your Startup meet
15:59 Commercial
17:50 The Growth of Your Startup
21:25 Current Needs of Your Startup
23:15 Short term goals of your Startup
33:50 Future goals of your Startup
42:50 Info about you & your startup online

Startup ProfileΒ  & Transcript

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