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hi guys my name is Verious Smith and I
am the creative director at phila
veracity design our website is Phil
veracity calm that is ph IL 0 ve our AC
ity and today I’m going to talk to you a
little bit about web design what if I
mean it’s such a huge topic so many
things fall under the category of web
design but in general specifically the
some of the services that we offer for
your company our web design we will help
you plan and strategize find out exactly
what you need for for getting your
business on the web and so once again
web design is such a huge topic if I
just say that one phrase it actually
involves so many things like search
engine optimization responsive web
design if you’re you know website
responds to the size of whatever
viewport or whatever device is it’s
actually being hosted on are being
viewed upon ecommerce websites mobile
web design and also just website
marketing because if you got a beautiful
website and nobody is able to find your
website then man it’s no use like it’s
just always money it’s not bringing in
more bits and so yeah my company all
actually offers web design for small to
medium and large businesses so if you’re
looking for a completely custom website
the skills that we have in the abilities
that we have are going to be able to
cover that and we have you know websites
in our portfolio that we can show you
that would you know show that we could
handle those needs for you Phil veracity
design we are distributed team I live in
corona california but you can also you
know just visit our website
in view information there contact me 951
5470 896 if you if you are here in the
Southern California area I would love to
sit set up a meeting with you maybe have
coffee and then talk about what your
needs are for your web design project
and see how we can get your company off
of the ground and operating on the web